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Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

APC Commercial Kitchen, Alameda, CA, 510-898-7800, no website

ABK Commercial Baking Incubator, Chatsworth, CA, 323-243-0687, www.rodeokingofalameda.com

Amy's Kitchen Rental, San Jose, CA, 408-836-6547, No Website

Artisan Kitchen, Richmond, CA, 510-860-0910, www.artisankitchenandcafe.com

Banyan Tree, Culver City, CA, 323-491-3431, no website

Bay Area Kitchen Rental, Fremont, CA, 510-329-0277, www.bayareakitchenrental.com

Certified Kitchens Gluten Free, Berkeley, CA, 855-685-2665, www.visitcertifiedkitchens.com

Charlie's Classic Cooking, Escondido, CA, 858-442-5252, www.charliesclassiccooking.com

Chef's Kitchens, Los Angeles, CA, 310-837-8900, www.chefskitchens.com

Commercial Baking Kitchen, Menlo Park, CA, 650-575-5700, no website

Commercial Kitchen Business Broker, Rocklin, CA, 916-300-3443, no website

Commercial Kitchen Timeshare, Ventura, CA, 805-797-5292, no website

Cooking Block, Redlands, CA, 909-878-6140, www.cookingblock.com

Culiflex Kitchens, Orange, CA, 714-633-7033, www.culiflex.com

Culinary Innovation, Lake Forest, CA, 949-933-4734, www.culinary-innovation.com

East End Kitchens, Santa Ana, CA, 714-486-0700, www.4thstreetmarket.com

Eclectic Cookery, San Francisco, CA, 415-822-8788, www.eclecticcookery.com

El Pajaro CDC, Watsonville, CA, 831-722-1224, www.elpajaroced.org

Essence of Food, Oceanside, CA, 760-450-0097, no website

Foodies Urban Kitchen, Sun Valley, CA, 310-433-6602, www.foodiesurbankitchen.com

Foodworks Culinary Center, Arcata, CA, 707-825-2112, no website
Gourmet Caterers, Santa Ana, CA, 949-246-2071, www.gourmetcaterers.com

Kitchen by the Hour, LLC, Hayward, CA, 510-764-1287, www.kitchenbythehour.com

Kitchen Kravings, Corona, CA, 951-880-4810, no website

Miramar Road Kitchen, San Diego, CA, 858-271-0045, no website

Mr. C's Kitchen Rentals #1, Campbell, CA, 805-461-3614, www.mrcscatering.com

Mrs. C's Kitchen Rentals #2, Santa Clara, CA, 408-946-2440, www.mrscscatering.com 

Nuovoterra Products Commercial Kitchen, Fallbrook, CA, 949-939-1765, no website

Peninsula Kitchen Rental, Redwood City, CA, 650-823-8582, www.peninsulacommercialkitchenrental.com

Sae Kitchen Rental, Vista, CA, 619-851-2904, www.saekitchen.com

Shared Kitchen Rentals of San Diego, San Diego, CA, 858-935-9924, www.sharedkitchenrentals.com

The Hood Kitchen Space, Costa Mesa, CA, 949-533-8611, www.thehoodkitchen.com

The Kitchen Elves, Encinatas, CA, 760-943-8207, no website

The Kitchen Station, LLC #2, Chino, CA, 562-587-4258, www.thekitchenstation.com

Turn-key Commercial Kitchen, El Kajon, CA, 619-442-9200, no website

Uptown Kitchen, LLC, Oakland, CA, 510-499-7031, no website