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Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

​Absolutely World Class, Abilene, TX, 325-672-3000, www.absolutelyworldclass.com
BBQ Sauce, Salsa, Jerky

Amelio C. Enterprises, Phoenix, AZ, (602) 956-4833, www.ameliocenterprises.com
Sauces, Salsas, Hot Sauces, Condiments, Dresings, Syrups, Mixers

Amigos Foods, San Antonio TX, 800-580-3477, www.amigosfoods.com
Sauces, Salsas, Dips, Taco Sauce, Taco Shells, Refried Beans, BBQ Sauce

A.M.Braswell Jr. Food Co., Statesboro, GA, 912-764-6191, www.braswells.com
Salsas, Condiments, Preserves, Honey, Sesaonings, Teas

Arizona Pepper Products, Mesa, AZ, 800-359-3912, www.azgunslinger.com
Salsas, Hot Sauces, Sauces, Snacks, Seasonings, Gifts

Arizona Spice Co., Mesa, AZ, 480-632-2168, www.azspiceco.com
Seasonings, Rubs, Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Dip Mixes

Ashman Manufacturing Co., Virginia Beach, VA, 800-641-9924, www.ashmanco.com
BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Dry Rubs, Marinades, Salsas

Backwoods Foods, Tahlequah, OK, 918-458-9300. www.backwoodsfoods.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Pickles, Relishes, Seasonings

Battenkill Kitchen, Inc., Salem, NY, 519-854-3032, www.battenkillkitchan.org​
Salsas, Mustards, Oils

Bay Valley Foods, Oak Brook, IL, 708-483-1300, www.bayvalleyfoods.com
Creamers, Fruit Spreads, Pickles, Relish, Dressings, Salsa, Sauces, Syrups 

Beaverton Foods Inc., Hillsboro, OR, 800-223-8076, www.beavertonfoods.com
Horseradish, Mustards, Kosher, Condiments, Salsa

Best Brand Bottlers, Sarasota, FL, 941-755-1941, www.bestbrandbottlers.com
Salsas, Pasta Sauces, Hot Sauces, Dressings

Beth's Farm Kitchen, Stuyvesant, NY, 800-331-5267, www.bethsfarmkitchen.com
Salsas, Sauces, Jams, Preserves, Condiments, Syrups, Chutneys

Blossom Valley Foods, Gilroy, CA, 408-848-5520, www.blossomvalleyfoods.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Dressings, Oriental Sauces

Byler's Relish House, Saegertown, PA, 814-763-6510, www.bylersrelishhouse.com
Salsa, Relish, Jams, Jellies, Pickled Veggies

Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, Ward Hill, MA, 978-372-8010, www.cedarsfoods.com
Salsas, Hummus, Dips, Pita Chips

C Vision Foods, Colorado Springs, CO, 719-459-3308, www.visionfoodsllc.com
Salsas, pasta sauces, barbecue sauces, salad dressings

Cal Pack Foods, Torrance, CA, 310-320-0141, www.calpackfoods.com
High quality food, juice, and beverages, JUICE & SMOOTHIES,BEVERAGES, SALSA, BABY FOOD,WET SALADS 

Chef George Inc, Portland, OR, 503-467-4114, www.chefgeorgeinc.com
Salsas, Dips, Spreads, BBQ Sauces, Appetizers

Chelton House, Bridgeport, NJ, 856-467-1600, www.cleltenhouse.com
Organic, Salsas, Dressings, Pasta Sauces, Condiments

Colgin, Inc., Dallas, TX, 888-226-5448, www.colgin.com
Juices, Mixers, Teas, Energy Drinks, Salsa, Ketchup, Mustare, Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Liquid Smoke, Kosher

Consolidated Mills, Houston, TX, 713-896-4196, www.consolidatedmills.com
Salsas, Syrups, Seasonings

Copperleaf Kitchens, Albuquerque, NM, 505-323-9227, www.comfortfoods.com
Dry Mixes, Dips, Soups, Spices, Seasonings, Salsas, Sauces, Gifts

County Fair Foods, Arlington, TX, 817-265-0094, www.countyfairfoodsinc.net
Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Salsas

Create-A-Pack Foods Inc., Oconomowoc, WI, 262-567-6069, www.create-a-pack.com
Salsas, Marinades, Dressings, Oils, Pasta Sauces, Pizza Sauces

Don Pedros Meat, Covina, CA, 626-339-3963, www.donpedrosmeat.com
Salsas, Sausages

Drew’s All Natural, Greenfield, MA, 413-773-3739, www.chefdrew.com
Salsas, Dressings, Marinades, Sauces

Duke Foods, Greenville, SC, 864-991-8895, www.dukefoods.com
Salads, Spreads, Dips, Sauces, Dressings, Appetizers, Salsa, Frozen Desserts, Granola, Snacks

Farmer's Choice Food Brands, Media, PA, 610-499-9477, www.promotioninmotion.com
Salsas, Dressings, BBQ Sauces, Jams, Jellies, Butters

Fischer & Weiser, Fredericksburg, TX, 800-369-9257, www.jelly.com
Salsas, Dressings, Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Appetizers, Gifts, Non GMO

Flavor First Foods Inc., West Bridgewater, MA, 571-237-6145, http://gregorysilva.wix.com/flavor-first-foods
Salsas, Dressings, Sauces, Soups

Food for Thought, Honor, MI, 888-935-2748, www.foodforthought.net
Salsas, Honey, Preserves, Hot Sauce, Mustard, Oils, Relishes, Gifts, Organic

​Fox Meadow Farm, Mount Holly, VT, 802-259-7805, www.foxmeadowfarmvt.com 
Salsa, Hummus, Jams, Butters, Toppings, Gifts, Dips

Frankie V's Kitchen, Dallas, TX, 214-303-9910, www.frankievskitchen.com
Hot Sauces, Salsas, Dressings, Spreads, Soups, Condiments, Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gardens, Jacksonville, TX, 800-755-2434, www.gourmetgardens.com
Pickles, Vegetables, Relishes, Salsas, Sauces, Dips, Fruit Butters, Preserves, Ketchups, Salad Dressings, Sauces, Seasonings, Syrups 

Grouse Hunt Farms, Tamaqua, PA, 570-467-2850, www.wos-wit.com
Salad Dressings, Relishes, Pickles, Peppers, Pickled Vegetables, Hand Packed Fruits, Jelly, Preserves, Salsas, Mustards, 
BBQ Sauces, Marinades

Half Moon Bay Trading, Atlantic Bay, FL, 888-44SAUCE, www.halfmoonbaytrading.com
Hot Sauces, Ketchup, Salsa, Mixers, Honey Mustard, Fruit Glazes, Dessert Topping

Henry's Dream, Houston, TX, 832-877-827, www.tejanosalsa.com

Heritage Food Co., Hephzibah, GA, 706-437-0000, www.heritagefoodcompany.com
Salsas, Dressings, BBQ Sauces, Pickles, Jams, Pickles, Syrups

Heritage Specialty Foods, Grand Prairie, TX, 972-660-6511, www.hsfoods.com
Salsas, Dressings, Sauces, Soups

Hillside Orchard Farms, Tiger, GA, 866-782-4995, www.hillsideorchard.com
Salsas, Dressings, Sauces, Jams, Preserves, Butters, Relish, Soups, Chutneys

Hinkle Fine Foods, Dayton, OH, 937-836-3665, www.hinklefinefoods.com
​Barbecue Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Wing Sauces, Jams, Jellies, Spreads, Salsas, Nut Butters (other than peanut), Dry Mixes

Hot Wachulas, Bartow, FL, 863-602-0857, www.hotwachulas.com
Salsas, Hot Sauces

House of Webster Inc., Rogers, AR, 479-636-4640, www.houseofwebster.com
Salsas, Preserves, Spreads, Butters, Jams, Relishes

IAM International, Lebanon, NJ, 908-713-9651, www.iaminternationalinc.com
Salsas, Chutneys, Condiments, Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Asian Sauces, Biscottis

IPAC, Winter Springs, FL, 407-699-7507, www.copack.com
Salsas, Sauces, Dressings, Marinades

Italo's Gourmet, Ocala, FL, 321-946-4619, www.italosgourmet.com
Hot Sauces, Salsas, Marinades, Barbeque Sauces, Cocktail Sauce

JB's Best, Athens, GA, 866-589-6456, www.jbsauces.com
BBQ Sauces, Salsas, Bloody Mary Mix

Jananna Foods, Kilgore, TX, 903-984-2041, www.janannafoods.com
Hot Sauces

Kings Food Products, Belleville, IL, 618-233-0400, www.kingsfoodproducts.com
Sauces, Salsas, Dressings

Kitchen Town, San Mateo, CA, 650-458-8080, www.kitchentowncentral.com
Salsa, Sauces, Granola, Pies 

Koslowski Farms, Forestville, CA, 800-473-2767, www.koslowskifarms.com
Dressings, Sauces, Condiments, Vinegars, Jellies, Butters

Lauri Jo's Southern Style Canning, Norman Park, GA,229-769-3391, www.laurijos.com
Salsa, Pepper Jelly, Pickled Foods, Jams, Jellies and Preserves, BBQ Sauces, Gifts 

Li Destri Foods Inc., Fairport, NY, 201-944-1233, www.lidestrifoods.com 
Sauces, Pesto, Soups, Salsas, Oils, Jams, Dips, Condiments

Milo's Co-Packing, Athens, OH, www.miloscopacking.com
Pasta Sauce, Salad Dressing, Fruit Preserves, BBQ Sauce, Salsas, Bloody Mary Mix, Bruscetta Toppings

New World Enterprises, Winooski, VT, 802-489-0481, www.vtsalsa.yolasite.com
Salsas, Mixers

Ol'Gringo Chile Co., Las Cruces, NM, 877-265-2771, www.olegringo.com
Salsas, Chili Sauces, Gifts

Original Juan, Kansas City, KS, 800-568-8468, www.originaljuan.com
BBQ Sauces, Dips, Spreads, Hot Sauces, Marinades, Snacks, Salsas, Pasta Sauces

Pacific Choice, Fresno, CA, 559-237-5583, www.pacificchoice.com
Salsa, Sauces, Vegetables, Salsa, Organic, Kosher

Palace Foods Inc., Reading, PA, 610-939-0631, www.palacefoodsinc.com

Palmetto Canning, Palmetto, FL, 941-722-1100, www.palmettocanning.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Marinades, Cooking Wines, Dessert Toppings

Paradigm Food Works, Lake Oswego, OR, 800-234-0250, www.paradigmfoodworks.com
Salsa, Candy, Fudge Sauce, Scone Mix, Vinegar, Mustard, Jams, BBQ Sauce Dressings

Pemberton’s Gourmet Foods, Gray, ME, 800-255-8401, www.pembertonsgourmet.com
Salsas, Pestos, Dessert Sauces, Pasta Sauces

Private Label Foods, Rochester, NY, 585-254-9205, www.privatelabelfoods.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Marinades, Dressings, Pasta Sauce, Hot Sauce

Ready Foods Inc., Denver, CO, 800-748-1218, www.readyfoods.biz
Salsas, Soups, Dressings, Sauces, Side Dishes, Mexican Sauces

Red Gold Inc., Elwood, IN, 866-729-7187, www.redgoldfoods.com
Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste, Pizza Sauce, Ketchup, Tomato Juice, Cocktail Sauce, Chili Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Salsa, Taco Sauce, Enchilada Sauce, Retort (Canning) 

Red Hot Foods,Santa, Paula, CA, 805-258-3650, www.redhotfoods.com
Salsas, Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Oils, Condiments, Seasonings, Jams, Jellies

​Redlaw Co-Packers, Golden, CO, 844-733-5297, www.redlawsauce.com
Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Salsa, Chili, Nut Butters, Beverages, Hummus, Cheese Alternatives, Bold Brew Coffee, Marinades, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate, Condiments, Honey, Syrups, Oils, Sauces, Soups

Reid's Foods, Gurnee, IL, 888-295-8478, www.reidfoods.com
Salsas, Pasta, Pasta Sauces, Jams, Dessert Toppings, Dips, Soups, Spreads

Renfro Foods, Ft. Worth, TX, 817-336-3849, www.renfrofoods.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Relishes

Riba Foods Inc., Houston, TX, 713-975-7001, www.ribafoods.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Dips, Mixers, Dressings, Seasonings

River Run Foods, Northumberland, PA, 570-701-1192, www.riverrunfoods.com
Sauces, Salsas, Condiments

Rocky Mountain Salsa Co., Ft. Collins, CO, 970-282-0033, www.rockymountainsalsa.com

Santa Barbara Olive Co., Santa Barbara, CA, 800-624-4896, www.sbolive.com
​Salsa, Pickled Vegetables, Condiments, Olives, Olive Oil, Beets, Brussel Sprouts, Cocktail Onions, Baby Corn, Pepperoncini, Asparagus, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Martini Mix, Olives, Gifts

Schlotterbeck & Foss, Portland, ME, 207-772-4666, www.schlotterbeck-foss.com
Salsas, Sauces, Dressings, Condiments, Jellys, Butters, Spreads, Dessert Toppings

Seattle Gourmet Foods, Kent, WA, 425-656-9076, www.seattlegourmetfoods.com
Pasta Sauces, Salsas, Truffles, Coffee, Cookies, Gifts

Snappy Dog Salsa, River Falls, WI, 715-629-7125, www.snappydogsalsa.com
Salsas, Mixers

Southern Flavoring Company Inc., Bedford, VA, 540-586-8565, www.southernflavoring.com
Seasonings, Oils, Sauces, Salsas, Extracts, Flavorings, Gifts

Stello Foods Inc., Punxsutawney, PA, 800-849-4599, www.stellofoods.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Pasta Sauces, Condiments, Dressings

Sunny Dell Foods Inc., Oxford, PA, 610,932-5164, www.sunnydell.com
Salsas, Pasta Sauces, Soups, Dressings, Relishes, Spreads

Summer Garden Food Mfg., Boardman, OH, 330-965-8455, www.summergardenfood.com
Pasta Sauce, Meat Sauce, Seafood Sauce, Salsa, BBQ Sauces, Soups, Marinades

Summit Foods, Saint Paul, MN, 651-292-2048, www.summitfoodsusa.com
Salsa, BBQ Dauce, Pasta Sauce, Salad Dressings

Sweet Creek Foods, Elmira, OR, 541-935-1615, www.sweetcreekfoods.com
Organic, Salsas, Pickles, Spreads, Tuna

Tejano Salsa, Houston, TX, 713-728-3333, www.tejanosalsa.com
Salsas, Hot auces, Gluten Free, Gifts, Juices

TexaFrance Inc., Round Rock, TX, 512-246-2500, www.texafrance.com
Salsas, Pasta Sauces, Dressings, Pestos, Chutney, Jelly, Condiments

Tree House Foods, Oakbrook, IL, 708-483-1300, www.treehousefoods.com
Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Ketchups, Pizza Sauce, Dips

Victory's Kitchen, Toronto Ontario, 416-766-5848, www.victoryskitchen.com
Soups, Stews, Salsa, Sauces, Dips, Marinades, Chili, Fillings, Dressings

Vidalia Brands, Glennville, GA, 912-654-2726, www.vidaliabrands.com
Salsas, Relishes, Snack Foods, Seasonings, Sauces, Dressings

Vidalia Valley, Lyons, GA, 800-673-6338, www.vidaliavelley.com
Salsas, Dressings, Sauces, Relishes, Preserves, Butters, Organic

Vision Foods, Colorado Springs, CO, 719-459-3308, www.visionfoodsllc.com
Salsas, Pasta Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Dressings

West Coast Co-Packer, Gervais, OR, 503-390-1425, www.westcoastcopacker.com
Strawberry Lemonades, or, CBD drinks, from salsas and Pasta Sauces, to Teas, Honey products, to Cocktail & Bloody Mary mixes, to Syrups, Condiments 
Wine Country Kitchens, Napa, CA, 707-252-9463, www.winecountrykitchens.com
Salsas, Dressings, BBQ Sauces, Marinades, Oils, Gluten Free