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Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

Pet Foods
Alive Pet Foods, Minneapolis, MN, 612-991-0460, www.alivepetfood.com
Complete Line Capabilities
Raw Bone Cutting, Grinding & Chopping, Custom Blending
Versi-Therm Thermal Processing, Stuffing, Forming, IQF Freezing,Packaging, Vacuum packaging, Stand-up pouch

Ameri-Pac, St. Joseph, MO, 800-373-6156, www.ameri-pac.com
Antioxident Products, Bulk Ingredient Processing, Custom Blending, Laboratory Services, Nutritional Supplements

LaBudde Group Inc., Cedarburg, WI, 262-375-9058, www.labudde.com
Screening, mixing & bagging are just some of the services that LaBudde Group offers. Although we specialize in the proper care & handling of ingredients for pet food manufacturing, we have the versatility to do just about anything you need.

Lortscher Animal Nutrition, Bern, KS, 785-36-6171, www.lanipet.com
Complete customer specific dry flours for extrusion or baking.
Component blends for mixing with additional ingredients prior to extrusion or baking.
Sourcing, milling and packaging of pet and companion animal food ingredients.
Ingredient storage and or conversions (bulk hopper or pneumatic to totes, bags or vice versa).

New England Pet Products, Gainsville, FL, 877-822-9527, www.nepetproducts.com
Smoked, Freeze Dried, Baked & Jerky Treats

Penford Food Products, Burr Ridge, IL, 800-652-4732, www.ingredions.com
We are experts in developing premium, functional pet consumables. We combine the latest in formulation and nutrition technologies in our state-of-the-art labs with cutting-edge manufacturing processes to offer turnkey development of pet chews and treats. We are also a key starch supplier to the industry, manufacturing both natural and modified potato, tapioca, rice, and corn starches. 

Perfection Pet Foods, Visalia, CA, 559-302-4880, www.perfectionpetfoods.com
 meat first kibble, fresh meat injection, liquid and dry flavor applications, multi-colored / multi-shaped kibble, varying moisture components, oven baked recipes, limited ingredient diet (LID) formulas and organic formulas.

Tuffys Pet Foods, Perham, MN, 800-525-9155, www.tuffyspetfoods.com
Key Plant Expansion benefits include: greatly reduce or eliminate bio-contamination, one of the first pet food plants in the U.S. to achieve this, increase capacity and efficiency to meet increased demand for both our branded and private label products and improve capability to produce super premium and super premium pet foods that include an expanding array of premium and exotic protein sources.