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If you are a producer looking for a co-packer, please send your message to
info@specialtyfoodcopackers.com . Your message will appear here.


 Susan Fiebig
Fiebig06@aol.com, 4806828328
Good morning! I am looking for a company to produce and package some of our products. Please contact me asap. Thanks!! Suzan 1/2

Brannon P Haley
elite1az@gmail.com, Co-packing
I have some products I would like to be considered for co-packing. Products looking to be considered are salsa, seasoning packs, cornbread dressing to name a few. 1/4

Sue Watkins
sw1665@aol.com, 9164172382
Hello: I am looking for a west coast co-packer that can can in Alumi - Tek bottles. Thank you, Sue1/4

lana shneydershteyn
lanakuv@gmail.com, co-pack and private labeling
i am looking for companies who can co-pack and private label olive oil for me 1/5

Caitlin Stanley
We have an exciting new project we are working on to create and pack out a confectionary range in gusseted bags. We require a partner to fill out the gusseted bags for us and would like a quotation from yourselves. We have 4 different types of product which each require filling into 100,000 gusseted bags; so we will need 400,000 produced altogether. Please can you advise if you have the capacity for this volume, and what your costing and lead time would be? Each bag will be filled with 100-150g of product. Bags Size Width: 160mm Height: 175mm Please let me know if you need any more information and I look forward to hearing from you  1/5

Sean Fogelman
sean@tomscapital.com 2125247353
Hi - Thank you for putting together this directory, this is really helpful. Do you know of any copackers that have hummus capability? Thanks, Sean  1/9

Colin Moore
Hi My name is Colin I am in the process of finding co-packers for my sauce. I am super duper sensitive about my ingredients so I want to be like Arthur Bryants and have one copacker do the dry spices and the other do the final wet sauce. With the final sauce preparer, I will need help finalizing my label and bottle etc. I live near Clemson SC if that matters. What would your recommendations be as far as sauce and spice mixing companies? Thank you Colin 1/9

Eitan Feuer
eitan.feuer@gmail.com 2014217944
Hello, I was wondering if you could connect me with a co-packer who does hot-filled juices? Thank you 1/9

We are looking for Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurt co-packer in USA to complete our line of products... http://purenatural.com.mx/ Regards,1/10

Joannesgreensauce@gmail.com 5168402954
I am looking for a copacker for a jalapeno Sauce. 1/10

would like a copacker to automate filling of gummy bears into PET cups and then heat foil sealing them. The cups are 74mm in diameter opening. 1/11

Brannon P Haley
elite1az@gmail.com Co-packing
I have some products I would like to be considered for co-packing. Products looking to be considered are salsa, seasoning packs, cornbread dressing to name a few. 1/12

Sue Watkins
sw1665@aol.com 9164172382
Hello: I am looking for a west coast co-packer that can can in Alumi - Tek bottles. Thank you, Sue 1/15

Mohammed Iqbal
miqbal1786@gmail.com 9545886395
We need to fill and seal size "000" Veg/Halal Capsules with Honey. Do you provide this service? 1/15

Mac McAfee
mcafee39204@gmail.com 6016243026
Need help finding the companies that package Sweet Baby Rays and Stubbs barbeque sauces?  1/16

Ethan@ethanscauliflower.com 917-993-1065
Can someone please give me a call, looking for a Company to copack my product 1/19

Jakitt@optonline.net 5169333474

Glenn Ballard
Hello. I am looking for a co-packer for small salt and pepper packets (salt is a .75 gm fill and pepper is a .1 gm fill). Volume is approx. 540,000,000 packets annually. Please email me if you have anyone who may be interested. Thanks 1/21

Jeff Burnworth

Co-Pack soup
My name is Jeff Burnworth and I am looking for a one stop shop to produce my product. I'm basically looking to have a simple 10 oz can of chicken noodle soup produced and sealed in a private label can. Start to finished/deliverable product to put on the shelf. This is a start up, and I am new to this whole process. This soup will be sold in large chain stores in a market that is untapped. thank you for your time, Jeff 1/23

Thanks in advance. Would you be kind enough to give me a list of bone broth co-packers. We are located in New York. Kindly, Kathleen1/23

ellona@napahills.com 3123991745
We are beverage company looking for hot fill Kobacher, could you please give me a call at 312-399-1745 to discuss thank you 1/25

JIm Schlicher
js@papanicholas.com 6306968026
We own several coffee brands. Our most notable are PapaNicholas Coffee and Day to Day Coffee products. We are interested in Ready-to-Drink Coffee Products and would like to know if your company Co-Packs these types of items. 12 oz Can (or most popular size)- Red Bull type 13.7 oz Glass Bottle (or most popular size) - Starbucks ? Frappuccino 64 oz iced coffee format (carton or jug) Energy Shot ? 2 to 4 oz Let me know. Thanks1/26

Manny Ferreira
Manny@mannysubm.com 2037270950
Hi! Looking for a contact name and number to pack my existing product. I'm located in Greenwich, CT and am the owner and CEO of Manny's Ultimate Bloody Mary. I'm seeking co- packing capabilities in Las Vegas. Please call me at your earliest convenience- (203)7270950 Best, Manny Ferreira Manny@mannysubm.com1/26

Bill McAboy
wkmwin@gmail.com 925-705-0165
Hi, can you please help me find a company that could cook my taco recipe , package it, and ship it? As someone that is new to all this there is a lot I do not know. Lastly , my recipe is 100 years old, it is VERY delicious, and very important that it tastes like it should. Sincerely Bill  1/27

Roy Mandina
Rman7007@aol.com 914 4823510
I live in the Bronx, NY. I make a specialty product which I would like to produce and bring to market. I really don't know where to begin.1/27

Panos Georgiou
panosg4@yahoo.com 919244-0354
Despina's Cafe in Raleigh makes baked goods, pastries and cakes and would be interested in having a co-packer make some of these goods. 1/28

Hello! We are starting a small wine club for our Dovecote brand. I'd like to include a recipe card and a small spice pack or specialty food product to go with the recipe (cello bag or small jar or tin container) with our label on the packet in each of our wine shipments. We will do two shipments per year. I'm looking for a partner that can create the spice packet in advance of our shipment. This will be a "giveaway" product for our shipments so we'd like to keep costs down. Please let me know what your minimum orders are. Thanks. -Tamara  2/1

Dan Berka
dan@meurerbrothersbakery.com sweet bakery goods
We are a high quality bakery. We have been in operation for over 85 years and have several national and regional accounts. We have additional capacity to be a manufacturer and copacker. Our sales are in the millions and we have significant capacity to meet a variety of manufacturing and copacking needs.  2/1

Missy Heneghan
missyheneghan@gmai.com bottled tea
I am the owner of Loose Leaf Tea Company and would like to have tea bottled for wholesale.2/2

Russ Maciejewski
russ@ourmommasbest.com 6786706442
Do you know someone that may be interested in producing a frozen spaghetti meat sauce?  2/2

Athena Gay
Our company is needing a co-packer for our soups. Could you contact me regarding this matter?  2/3

Mitch Case
913-940-2988  I’m in need of a copackaging company willing to do small runs (100 meals) at a time. We are a new company doing test runs to perfect our meals and looking to partner with a copackager that sees the potential in the company and willing to start out small.
CoPackager must be USDA and FDA certified. Product consist of raw protein, vegetables, and liquids to all be vacuumed sealed individually and then package in to a single kit frozen. 
Needs to be within a couple hours of Kansas City, MO. 
Please feel free to reach out via email or call.  2/4

thewarmhearth@gmail.com 7605044079
Hi, I'm trying to make a brand of dried apple chips. I'm looking for someone who can help me dry and pack specific types of apples though, they can't just be generic apple rings. I'm from a little town famous for apples and I'm going to brand with the town's name so they need to be at least decent apples. I've looked through this directory and emailed lots of inquiries but nobody seems to be able to help. Hopefully you might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks, Chris Stamets The Warm Hearth 2/4

Lahouari Fadel
fadel030965@gmail.com 6093316556 
2000 lbs smoked beef sausages 6093316556  2/5

Josephine Bologna
carmelabny@aol.com 917-576-9431
I am requesting a certified gluten free co-packer that can prepare my dry product with ingredients, bag it, weigh it, seal it and delivery it to the right party.. I am located in Pompano Florida   2/5

Mac mccord
macmccord48@gmail.com 6159699003
complete contact information for liquid flavoring/seasonings 2/6

Margaret Moody
Hello. We are a sea salt company located in France and I am looking for a food packer who can do small single serving sachets for salt as samples and for food service. (much like you get on an airplane.....just small paper sachets) ....Could you please direct me to someone who can handle that?thank you 2/7

Anne Rose 
anne@aubonbroth.com 516-268-3482
Hi, we would like to know if your company caters in creating and packaging Bone Broth in a Single Serve (1 Liter) Aseptic Spouted Pouches. If this is something you can offer, kindly send us the following information: 1. How much would it cost? 2. What is your minimum order requirement? 3. How long will it take you to produce the product? 4. Will you be able to send us a sample to our San Diego office? 5. What are your certifications? Please see the attached picture of the sample pouch that we are looking for. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon. 2/7

Kay Cordoba
Hello. I am trying to identify a vegan copacker on the east coast for my baked goods business  2/7

rebecca tavares 
roundeye1125@gmail.com  looking for some info
looking to do co pack our portuguese sausage using a 30 year old recipe looking for some info . please contact me asap  2/9  

Momo Jackson
momo@worldcurry.com 858-232-1927
Hello, I am looking for a San Diego county copacker that has cupping equipment, sealers and storage. Thank you in advance.  2/10

Trena Richards
Trena@antelopecreekfarm.com 530-840-0224
Interested in finding a co-packer for our product. We are located in northern California and we are looking for a new co-packer that can handle a hot pack product. Bella San Luci is located in Chico and we are inquiring as to whether they can hot pack.   2/11

Elizabeth Sinanyan
bdlish6@aol.com 818-448-8844
We are looking for a co pack company who can co pack our waffles. 2/13

Suzanne Runyon
necessities4u@gmail.com 7322723186
Looking for copacker that is able to do cookie dough Thank you 2/14

I'm in need of a small quantity co-packer who packages dry food powder in the Las Vegas, NV or California areas.

Thank you,
Robert Brandolino
Total Healthy Lifestyle
(949) 235-0561   2/15

Katharine Wignall
katharinepwignall@gmail.com 7072947180
Good afternoon, I am working on creating an ice cream product and am having difficulty perfecting my recipe. Are there individuals or companies that test run and tweak recipes for you? My two main concerns are with consistency and use of the right alternative sweetener (it is a dairy product without sugar). Thank you for your advice. Sincerely, Katharine 2/16

Hi there, I am located south of Chicago, IL 85 miles and looking for a co-packer for the small batch bone broth, rendered fats, and soups/stews my company produces in a local commercial kitchen and sells direct to customers. We have recipes and are interested in jobbing out production of some of these products. Our products may include organic ingredients but will not need to be certified organic. We are interested in eco-friendly packaging such as re-usable glass jars and/or recyclable or compostable materials for our products. Thanks for any local resources or recommendations you have on this. Raya Carr Mint Creek Farm Sales Manager 2/17

Chase Kibodeaux

My name is Chase, and I represent Breeden Fresh Farms Agriculture (BFF). We are Non-GMO, USDA Organic Certified, and have been in production since last May (2017). BFF grows 5,000 heads of lettuce each week, year round in a climate controlled greenhouse. We are based in Terrell, Texas, just 30 minutes East of Dallas. Our 25,000 square foot facility is fully automated and runs solely off of Aquaponics utilizing Tilapia. We grow Green Butter Crisp, Red Oak Leaf, Green Oak Leaf, Muir (a more heat resistant alternative to Romaine), and we are growing some Basil in an extra bed for fun. I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience about drafting a Co-Packer Agreement if you are looking for some stellar produce. Thanks! Chase Kibodeaux BFF Agriculture, LLC (817) 729-9920 chase@bffagriculture.com

Robert Mullins 
I am looking for purveyors of Eastern Indian specialty foods in the Seattle and outlying area?  2/20

Saundra Linn

Hi - I am looking for a co-packer that can help product shelf stable product that contains meats, grains and vegetables in a glass jar. The product is not "hot fill". Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Saundra 2/20

nickham@comcast.net 847-867-3443
Hi! Wondering if you know of any co packers who use microwave drying equipment for solid food products.  2/20

Aletia DuPree
Aletia@aletiadupree.com 770-773-5901
Hello, I am looking for a copacker for frozen turnover pastries. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Aletia  2/21

Jimmie Boyd 
jimmieb37@gmail.com 9192683501
Wanting to know about our crabcake product that we would like to distribute. I am the co owner of 2chefsonthego food truck and our # 1 seller is our crab cake sandwich. We are in the process of having our sauce for the crab cake with a bottling company, We looking to have our crab cake with a co packer  2/22

Mike Sullivan
sullivan@kawasho-foods.com 917-952-7628
I'm looking for a co- packer on one of my items canned bean sprouts---GEISHA B SPROUT 14.5OZ 12/14.5 oz My volume is around 60,000 cases per year Thanks for your help, Mike Sullivan SVP Kawasho foods USA Inc. (Geisha Brand) 45 Broadway 18th Floor New York, NY 10006 212-841-7426 sullivan@kawasho-foods.com  2/26

Chef Michelle
mdctytb@gmail.com BISQUE
Would like to know more about co pkg. In Texas am new to all of thiz. Any and all info. Would be insigtful  3/1

Naudia Harty
Cakes4allseasons@yahoo.com 845-283-8026
We need a couple-packer to package our novelty treats. These include, tarts, cheesecakes and cake mixes. Please advise how your company can assist us in getting our products packaged. We intend to ship to the Bahamas. Will your company be able to assist in distributing to the Bahamas? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you  3/2

joshcrowder525@gmail.com 8013100452
Hi, we are looking to get sample/stick packs filled, sealed, etc. We can send you the powder, or whatever works better on your end. Please just let me know as soon as possible what your capabilities are and what you need from me. Thank you.  3/2

Rachel Hell
rhell@me.com 8585041259
Hello, I am looking for a co-packer that can process my almond butter and mix with specific superfood blends. Can you help me with a co-packer? I live in San Diego but open to other areas. Thank you for your time. Kindly, Rachel Hell Bella Terra Foods  3/5

amid el-hakam
amid_hakam@yahoo.com 7138765583
Good morning my name is Amid and i am located in Houston Tx I have some great Mediterranean ( Lebanese ) marination for beef, chicken and lamb. I have bought many different marination bottles from grocery store and they don't taste as good as the one i make at home. is that because it is packed and they add some preservatives to it? or it is just doesn't taste good. the reason i am sending this message is to know what your company does and if you can help me with making, packaging my marination and hopefully it will be sold in every grocery store. looking forward to hear back from you. 3/6

imran.zaki@topshelf.pk 923332355501
Hello! We here at topshelf are reaching out to you because we think we can make something great together. We export food items such as condiments, sauces and more and we think that you might be interested in what we have to offer! For a complete list of products and prices visit topshelf.pk, we even do contract manufacturing for the offered products! If you're interested or want more information feel free to reply to this email. We hope to hear from you soon! Best regards, The Topshelf Team Address Building No. 11/C Lane 2, Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6, DHA Karachi, Pakistan Information topshelf.pk +922135242563 info@topshelf.pk  3/7

Christopher Soto
im looking for information about creating my own candy and i want to know how much will it cost for the packaging. 3/7

Maxine Bernson
benz38277@yahoo.com 510-693-2767
I have tow products that i have been producing and selling to churches for 16 years and have been asked for it to be mass produced. I am looking for a company in the Oakland, San Francisco, Bay Are that can assist me with this. If you can assist me with this situation pleas connect with me as soon as possible. 3/8

Hello, I was wondering if you can hot fill 1oz foil pouches. Please see below website for details is you are wondering what I'm looking for. http://en.brixalerable.ca If you do may I please get some information regarding minimum runs, lead time, etc. If you don't any chance you know who does? Thanks so much! Krista  3/9

lisa bee
lisab@sweetwaterscafe.com 734-222-6412
We are looking for a hot fill glass bottle (16 oz.) co-packer located in the midwest or east. We are located in Michigan. Our beverages are an all natural ginger/lemon tea and ginger/raspberry tea. See the product here: https://sweetwaterscafe.myshopify.com/collections/teas We currently run 3000 gallons of each flavor but will soon need larger batches as we open more stores. 3/9

carr.sabrina@gmail.com 4166668608
Looking for information on co packing of a spicy sesame paste. 3/11
We are looking organic chocolate co-packers. Please email us if this is something you can help with. 
Thank you,
Mariam kinkladze68 33rd Street, 4th FloorBrooklyn, NY 11232Office: 347.662.2900
Mobile: 917.301.9868mariam@organicgemini.com www.OrganicGemini.com 3/11

Liz smithers 
Liz@lakaliving.com Specialty products 
Hello! Trying to find a copacker within the California region for my company. We make nut butters. Thanks! Liz 3/12

Robert Palleja
robertp@diolivas.com 847-962-5249
 I am looking for referrals for co-packers and your website told me I could provide this information and hopefully get a few. (A) Items you want to have co-packed Bacon/Shallot jam (B) Your home state Business in Missouri and live in Illinois (St Louis metro area) (C) Your website address http://www.diolivas.com (D) Contact Person Robert Palleja (E) Best ways to contact you C: 847-962-5249 robertp@diolivas.com  3/13

Vaishnavi Vijayakumar
vaishnavivijay.vaish@gmail.com 9253010763
Hi, I am looking for Organic Certified Co-packers to manufacture my Organic Vegan Yogurts. Please let me know the nearest possible options! i live in Brentwood, CA 94513  3/14

Cara Bolsinger
I am looking for a Kosher Certified Contract Manufacturing company that specializes in oils and canning. Any information would be appreciated.

Anne White
awhite@ccgphl.com 267-446-1020
Hello, I am looking to get some quotes/ideas on bottling a variety of bbq sauces. I am opening a BBQ Restaurant in Philaldelphia, PA and would like to have the BBQ sauces available for purchase, as well as 'mini' sealed bottles to be served with the food while dining. (Similar to little ketchup/mustard bottles you sometimes get at hotels, etc). Can you please direct me to a good Co-packer that can help me? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Anne 3/16

Ed Moshaver
ed.moshaver@gmail.com 3106222693
Hi guys, we have a recipe for Salad dressing, we?d like to co pack the dressing ( shelf stable), cold mixing . Could you please put us through a company in So Cal doing the job for us? 3/16


I am looking to get some quotes/ideas on re-canning my signature pizza sauce. I have owned and operated 2 pizza shops in Ohio and have had many requests for our pizza sauce.We use a #10 can of pizza sauce base and add additional ingredients for our signature sauce. Would like to have the sauce available to purchase in 16 oz jars and re-canned in #10 cans. Can you please direct me to a good Co-packer that can help me? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you! 3/19

Chris McGarahan
I am interested in finding a co packer for caramel apples. 3/21

Shamarr Wall
nibblenstitch@gmail.com 704-781-7799
Hello, Please send me information on the items you package & pricing. I produce teas, lemonades, baked goods, & sauces. Thank you  3/21

Ryan Kracinski

Hello I am launching a new product and will need a co packer in the Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona area. Please reach out to me as soon as possible so I can give you the run down. This is a new realm for me as I come from media and digital marketing, so I've been learning as I go. I have found a Packaging Company that I would like to use so now I am just looking for a co-packer. Launching single product line 4 Recipes 3 Size variations 12 total Looking to hash out logistics, MOQ's, etc. Thanks  3,22

Becca Salmonson
becca@beccaspetites.com 415-260-2252
Hello, I am searching for a copacker out on west coast. I live in Northern California. Becca's Petites is a grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan snack mix/granola. I am currently a cottage license B and need to move into a copacker to accommodate the growth in business. One that can manufacture and package my products. I have a wet and dry mix that is folded together, put on baking sheets, then baked off in the oven. Thank You, Becca  3/22

masonssuperdogs@gmail.com 67850087163
I have a recipe for a relish and wanted to find a co packer and I wanted to produce 500 jars.   3/23

Mnegwei Peng 
mengweipeng@numspicy.com 646-662-9985
Hello, We are a spicy sauce company and are currently looking for a manufacturer to work with. We are interested in exploring opportunities with you after reviewing your website. Our questions are the following: What is your minimum order? Do you provide high pressure processing since our PH of the product is around 4.5? Are you able to grind ingredients to fine particles such as anise and peppercorn? Are you able to handle products that contain over 55% oil? Do you handle the FDA process? Are there any upfront fees before we get started? Are there any files you can send us to review? Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. Best,  3/27

todd conroy
toddmconroy@yahoo.com 2147942623
please call when you can i have 4 product's i need copacked 3/27

Anne White
awhite@ccgphl.com 267-446-1020
Hello, I am looking to get some quotes/ideas on bottling a variety of bbq sauces. I am opening a BBQ Restaurant in Philaldelphia, PA and would like to have the BBQ sauces available for purchase, as well as 'mini' sealed bottles to be served with the food while dining. (Similar to little ketchup/mustard bottles you sometimes get at hotels, etc). Can you please direct me to a good Co-packer that can help me? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Anne 3/27

Brent McFarland
brentmcfarland@comcast.net 7748366270
I'm writing to inquire on whether your company can do small runs of THC (Marijuana) infused edibles. With the laws changing in MA, we are looking to source out our line of edible treats for our Medical Card holder here in MA.  3/27

I’m looking for a co-packer for filling liquid and sealing into our own 2 oz plastic cup.
If you can do Turnkey Operation, that’s more than welcome.
Please contact us as soon as possible. Thanks, Max Kim
max@jooglobal.com 213-478-0801  3/27

Hello, I am looking for a co-packer for my product with a low MOQ and was hoping you could help! My product is a seasoned salt mix. Here's some very brief specs: Fill Weight: 100g Packaging Type: Pouch Process: Mixing two dry ingredients, filling and heat sealing pouches. I am currently based out of WI. I was hoping you could point me in the direction of an ideal co-packer. I have paged through your co-packer directory and found it useful; since you seem so knowledgable I thought I would ask you personally! Thank you!  3/28

Mac mccord
macmccord48@gmail.com 6159699003
can you manufacture my all liquid spray flavorings for food!! call me 615-969-9003

Larry E McLester
rmclester@hotmail.com 8152271697
I am looking for a co-packer to produce my two Scovie award winning BBQ sauces!  4/2

Leslie whitlock
lesliewhitlock37@gmail.com 8435349332
I am the general manager for a restaurant called Addielees and we have a gourmet chicken patty that was produced by the owner. We are looking for a copacker, if someone could give me a call to further discuss what your company could provide us. Thank you   4/2

Betty Dixon soulsistersfoods@optimum.net In search of
a co-packer to produce our hand-held frozen appetizer, similar to an egg roll. I am located in New Jersey but open to co-packers in the continuous US. Call
201-518-6208 or email.  4/4

britttkay@gmail.com 3369082475
Good Afternoon, I am looking for a co packer and need some information on what it all entails. I am new and reaching out to variety of places. I would prefer local in North Carolina but there seems to not be any food processing plants. Please give me a call back at your earliest consciences. Thanks! 4/5

DJ Robertson
djgreenleesbakery@yahoo.com 408-600-8275
Looking for ice cream sandwich co packer . Thanks 4/6

Larry Lanphere
Llanphere@vastbb.net Copacker for pretzels
I'm looking for a copacker that can make and package my product. All I do is season buttered pretzels. Very interested to see if you can help me. Larry Lanphere 206 cashin drive Luverne,Mn 56156 507-920-0332  4/6

I found your website very helpful and was hoping you could further direct me toward a copacker who can fill bags of sugar ranging from 1lb-50lb , ideally with a low MOQ. Thank you for your large co-packer directory website; it is the best resource on the internet. Jack  5/10

ED Andrade
ed@newyorkstylesausage.com 949.280.4470
Looking for a co packer of frozen pizza's. 4/12

mitra azari
mteza@aol.com looking for food co packer in las vegas
Please contact me if you are a co packer in las vegas. 4/13

Kaitlin Torson
kt@4thandheart.com 9167191204
I'm reaching out from 4th & Heart, a food company based in Los Angeles. We recently launched a new product, Chocti, which is a spreadable chocolate made with cacao, date syrup and ghee. I'm wondering if you would have the ability to manufacture this for us. The formulation and packaging is already complete, we just need someone who can make the product, fill it, and label/box. We are ready to move fast on this as the product was already launched when we found out our current co-man could no longer produce it. Long story short, we have a lot of orders for this but nothing to sell! Let me know if you are free for a call later today and we can discuss.  4/13

Lola?s LLC - Ashley White (MP)
Theviplifeisnow@gmail.com 296-617-4833
Do this copacking business produce egg rolls to freeze?  4/21

Charles Bolin
crb440@live.com Mayonnaise
Looking for a Mayonnaise co-packer  4/24

Hi! I am looking for a co-packer for a dry pancake mix. The mix is largely distributed to restaurants. My company is located in New Castle Pa 16101. 

My Contact information: 
Algcanton@gmail.com Thanks,  Al  4/24

Giovanna Rebagliati

Hello, I am located in Los Angeles and I'm in need of a co packing facility for my unique product, dry salsa. I'm finding that the co packing companies in my area are either at capacity or don't want to work with spicy peppers. Thank you, Giovanna www.SalaciousTable.com  4/25

Laura Conley
Harmonytl@yahoo.com 860 344 9646
Hello...We are seeking information about the co packing process with your company. My sister and I own a bakery and would like to market our dry mixes on line. Thank you, Laura Conley  4/27

We are looking for a co-packer for our product. We are a start up company making fresh home cooked dog food. We have 5 different recipes. Example of recipe would be: ground beef, cooked rice, small dice of carrots, kale and broccoli.
We are based in California, but are willing to have co-packer in a different state. We do need USDA certified. 
Our website is bestfriendfresh.comContact Debby Townzen 714-766-9350, debby.bestfriendfresh@gmail.com
Best contact is email, leave message if by phone. Thank you for your help! Debby Townzen 4/26

Joey Varner
joey@joeyvarner.com 7023725329
Hello! My name is Joey and my wife and I have a gourmet food company in Las Vegas. We have been trying to track down a manufacture/co packer to take over production for us as we expand to all fifty states. Navigating the co packing terrain has proven tricky, and I was wondering if someone there is available to jump on a quick call to help point us in the right direction. Of course, I can compensate you for your time. I'm just lost and could use a little help. Thanks! -Joey 5/1

M.W. m wmccord
macmccord48@gmail.com 6159699003
I am in need of a company to manufacturer & distribute my all liquid food spray,both pump or aerosol. I have a FIRST TO INVENT pre patent # 12731 Season-Ease/Flavor-Ease...5/1

Pablo Tolosa
pablotolosa3@gmail.com pablotolosa3@gmail.com
we are looking for rice cracker co packers with flavoring capabilities near Miami area 5/4

Hi guys 
We are Almas Food, located in Canoga Park, Ca 91303.
We have a recipe for salad dressing, mayonnaise based, and have done many tests and it’s finalized now. We’d like to co pack it in 16 Oz dread no containers. It’s a cold mix. We’d rather a shelf stable pack, but if not possible we might give up on shelf and go for refrigerated. 
Please contact us if you could do it for us. Thank you. 
Ed Moshaver
CEO & Owner
Almas Food
Golden Farms
7133 Remmet Ave.
Canoga Park
Ca 91303
C: 310 622 2693
Office: 818 340 1806
www.almasfood.com  5/5

Brad Fitzerman
brad@medmixes.com 8595670161
Are there a co-packer available through your network the does small 30ml oil drops? Thank you 5/7

Andres Ordonez
Hello, I?m looking for co-packers/co-manufacturers for non-refrigerated ready to drink supplements/shakes with hight contents of vitamins and/or proteins. I would appreciate your help with companies recommendations or additional websites/databases where I could find them. Regards  5/7

Joseph Chan
joseph.o.chan@gmail.com 9179436696
I'm looking for a co-packer who can handle perishables and can ideally drop ship small shipments nationally to our franchisees. Our website www.10belowicecream.com. Can you recommend anybody?  5/8

Dawn Kinnett
We have 3 sauces that we would like to have co-packed. One is a dipping sauce, one a wing sauce and the third is a dressing/dipping sauce. We do not have a commercial kitchen, so I am looking for the whole nine yards. 5/9

Looking for company to copack my gourmet hummus products. We are located in NJ.  5/9

Chad Keeney
Hello, I am wondering if you have any empty 3oz glass jars that you are looking to sell. I'm looking for 3 - 5 million ASAP. Please email or call.  5/10

Donald Rohland
Is Shipping to Belize possible? Please confirm and also if you accept VISA or MASTER CARD for payment for an itnternational order. Regards Donald Rohland JEBE SHOP Donaldrohland425@gmail.com  5/12

Justin Basil
Justin@rocwellinvestments.com 7276436483
Hello, I am looking for a copacker to help with production of one of our most popular products for retail. How do we get started with your help 5/14

sergey@apiterrahoney.com 8457775335
I want to pack honey. Could you help me?  5/15

Todd Conroy
toddmconroy@yahoo.com 214-794-2623
Hello have some products i need co packed please call me .Thank you  5/15

mk2123@gmail.com Co-Packers for Empanadas
Hello. I've been tasked with compiling a list potential co-packers in the U.S. (and possibly Canada) for a client who produces empanadas and bread products. Other than the listings on your site, do you have any suggestions on where I can find this information? We are willing to pay for a comprehensive list(s). Thank you! 5/15

chris.snyder@freshrealm.co 4084691538
Hello, My name is Chris Snyder and I currently work for a company in the US that specializes in packing retail (Kroger) and at home delivery meal kits. I was wondering if I could touch base with someone regarding a potential partnership for our current meal kit program and if you could potentially refer me to any customers who might be able to fit our current needs. We?re currently looking for: Large A or Large AA Pasteurized or Unpasteurized 1 individually wrapped, shelled egg, in a hard container to protect Volume estimates 250,000 - 500,000 eggs needed annually. Thanks, Chris Snyder 408.469.1538  5/16

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could offer, for co-packers in or close to Phoenix AZ.
A)Items to co-pack: Cold Brew Coffee B)Home state: Arizona
C)Website address: www.azdripcoffee.com D)Contact Person: Jeff Rorvig
E)Best ways to contact: Email; jeff@azdripcoffee.com / Phone; 602-253-6500 Thank you for your assistance! 5/16

Terri Bullock terri@parkersmaple.com3258544988
Good Morning! I am the operations manager here at Parker?s Maple. We are in the process of expanding our maple products and are looking to start developing and making a maple popcorn. We are looking to avoid the use of corn syrup if at all possible. I?d love to discuss this opportunity with you ASAP as we?re looking to move on this quickly. Feel free to contact me via email or the phone. Look forward to hearing from you 5/17

Jay Tims Ejtims@yahoo.com801-608-7829
I have a very nice Vemag Robot Roo extruder with a Guillotine cutter that I need to sell. Who could I talk with about the machine? Thanks Jay. 801-608-7829  5/18

Rod Shayan rodshayan@gmail.com213-700-9096
Specialty Food Copackers, My partner and I are in the process of creating a company and we need a copacker to bottle our sauce for us in order to get our business running. I would love to speak to a consultant regarding certain requirements and what we need to do in order to work with your team. Sincerely, Rod Shayan | Sales Representative Concord Imports, Inc. rodshayan@gmail.com 213-700-9096  5/21

Andy Schamisso andy@organicgratitude.com Need Copacker for 63 mm.
Hi- I am looking for a hot-fill copacker that can cap 63-mm 16-z glass. Can you help? Thanks in advance, Andy 5/22

Neil Wernick neil@burningbushfoods.com
Looking for a vegan co-packer for our organic, GF, vegan, kosher hot sauce that we've been producing for over four years in small batches (21 gallons) in rented commercial kitchens. Need to immediately double batch size and plan for further scaling in 6-9 months. Thanks. 5/24

Mac mccord macmccord48@gmail.com 6159699003
I would like you to manufacturer my all new and innovative liquid food spray Season-Ease/Flavor/Ease Concept patent # 12731 I will fax all the information to Specialty Food Co-Packers..Please let me have your fax # please, mine is 615-867-9751 Thank You, Mac McCord 5/24

Mike Gennaro
mikegennaro11@gmail.com 9147142700 Gluten-Free baked goods 5/29

James Minidis Sales@GramercyBakery.com 6618785855
Hello, I would like to list our co-manufacuting and co-packing facility - Gramercy Bakery on your website. Let me know what we need to do. Thank you, James  5/30

joanne panagopoulos joannesgreensauce@gmail.com 516-840-2954
I am looking for a copacker for a jalape?o sauce. It is an all natural Gluten free product that requires either a hot fill or a water bath. Prefer a copacker in the tristate area  5/30

We are looking for a co packer, we make a line of four gourmet dark chocolate sauces and syrup. We are located in the state of Virginia. Please contact:Scottie Phillips 804-564-4602Thank you
Scottie Phillips Willie Byrd Chocolate Sauce
scottie@williebyrdsauce.com 866-643-2973 WWW.Williebyrdsauce.com 5/31

Saul Nadoff saul@freedombar.com 6477099254
I'm looking for a co packer to make out bars for us. Our website is www.freedombar.com  6/1

Jim Pettus macmasters@itzabuy.com 704-533-4944
We need information on a co-packer that can handle fresh refrigerated materials, blended into a finished cheese spread, and packaged. Product must be kept under refrigerated conditions all through the process including storage. Do you have anyone that meets those demands? We are located in the Carolinas. Thank you for your time. 6/5


Marina Tatef fredshikada@gmail.com 5103330964
Looking for CA beef jerky dehydrator cooking beef jerky co-packers.  6/7

victoria ms.victorialee@yahoo.com
I am seeking help wit locating a co packer for our sweet potato pies, peach cobblers and bread. We are located in the San Francisco bay area (California). Your website was very helpful in understanding why we haven't been able to find co-packers. we appreciate what you offer. Victoria 6/8

Douglas Hewitt d.hewitt@gfbakers.com
Trying to find GF copackers across the country for fulfillment to large stores and clubs 6/12

Francesca Cuccia Francesca133@gmail.com
Hello I?m with Johnny C?s deli and pasta and I?m interested in specialty food manufacturing if you could please contact me at your convenience my number is 816-820-3460 thank you  6/13

Shyron Bynogshyronb@aol.com  9176938096
Hello, -- we currently have an outstanding Cottage business, called Decadent Healthy Chocolate. But we need help making, packing and shipping. I am in Santa Rosa Beach Florida. Please advise if you cha some recommendations for me. We are hoping for something near us. Kind regards, Shyron Bynog  6/17

Sylvia Bouloutas empactfulfoods@gmail.com 6097514264
Hello, My name is Sylvia Bouloutas. I have an entrepreneurial idea for a baby food line and I would like to understand what services you offer and if there is a possibility to work together. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Sylvia Bouloutas  6/17

Blaze Blaze@molecule09.com Can you package 1.5 oz hexagon glass jars with dry powders?  6/18

Sunrise Winburn sunrisealexis@hotmail.com 9175684375
Hi. My name is Sunrise & I own a vegan baking company called ?Vegan Sunrise? I?ve been having a hard time finding a co-packer that bakes & single packages my vegan cookies...one of the cookies has peanut butter in it. I?m in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I tried 1 co-packer in the old Pfizer building & it was an absolute disaster. I?m going to look for an investor once I find the right baker/packing company. I have the capability of gettingt into 20 grocery stores at the moment, but I?m a one man show & cant do it on my own. Ideally I?d like to find a company that can do both the baking & packaging while I focus on new customers (not hard for me) & marketing, art, etc.. Thanks in advance for any info you might have. I appreciate it!! -Sunrise (yes that?s my given name)  6/18

Natalie ndmorse84@gmail.com 7604208342
I am looking for a copacker who can make clean label gelatin based refrigerated dessert cups.  6/19
Justicalibotanicals@gmail.com 9168716363
I own a herbal supplement business and we have been getting our caps from our distributor but we are looking to go a different way and would like to supply our own powder and get them encapsulated. We are looking for gelatin 00 size capsules. The product we need capped is mitragyna speciosa also known as kratom. We would proximately need 1 million caps done by your company. If you need any other information please let me know via email.6/19

Sirena Alford Sfsbaltimore@aol.com
4109401484 Help trying to find co packing in my area, Maryland thank you  6/20

Bronko Carr bronkoc@yahoo.com 9186170470
I need a co packer for my bake beans near Oklahoma, any ideas or suggestion would be deeply appreciated!  6/20

Kyle Rouse kyledarouse@gmail.com 9053485171
I am looking for a company to make and bottle my bbq sauce recipe 6/21

Rich Gessner gesswhotacos@yahoo.com 4193662098
I own a concession business,were I have many people requesting my home made Pico & Mexi Balls( similar to jalapeno poppers). I am looking for a co-packer to help me expand my business.

mike shuman shuman211@aol.com
we need a co packer for dressing please call me asap 310 365 9992 thanks

Steve Gilmartin sgilmartin@greensourcesupply.com303-522-3432
Greetings. I'm a supply chain consultant just starting out sourcing a co-packer for a series of products derived from hemp (no THC) in Colorado. I'm wondering if you can recommend a facility with automated equipment to handle an oil, dispense it into what are called vape pens, and then cap them. Each pen is a cylinder 10.5mm in diameter and 76.2mm long, with a 0.3ml open top reservoir at one end. The capping process would entail screwing on a mouthpiece about 25mm long of the same diameter. The quantities are expected to be in the tens of thousands, making manual capping somewhat problematic. There are also concerns about capping within a certain, short period of time after filling. Many thanks for any insight you can provide! Steve

kim humiston aeriforo@gmail.com7042584150
looking for a co-packer. we are a usda certified organic farm in roxboro, nc and need a co packer for our vegetables, mostly want pickles from cucumbers, green tomatoes, peppers, and pickle relish. please send list of local co-packers - preferably someone who can do organic produce. we can supply certified organic raw materials if necessary or simply have organic produce not produced with all organic ingredients although this is less preferable. thank you!

Otis brooks Obrooks944@gmail.com 3025266401
Need info on packing and distribution of a sauce and condiment.

Mike Owen mike@elliesbest.com8185220518
I need a dry food powder copacker in the Tampa Area. 

Kassandra Niotta Kassandra.niotta@yahoo.com
I?m looking to have someone make syrup for my business. Please contact me.

Iso Rabins

Hi I own a commissary kitchen and co-packing space in Oakland and I was wondering if it would be possible to get on your list of spaces. Thanks Iso

Kristin Iranikristin1000.im@gmail.com Hi there, I'm educating myself about co-packers. I have a couple herbal iced teas I would like to try selling for retail and restaurant, but need to keep a full time job while getting it going. So I'm looking for a co-packer solution with minimal start-up costs. Any info you have to help me learn the ropes is much appreciated! Best regards, Kristin Irani

​Paul wenner Gardenchef@aol.com 808-283-1481
I need a Frozen food entree co-packer. Preferably in LA. Please call me. Peace.

I would like a pricing guide. I have a powder herbal product. I would need it jarred; lableded; possibly stored; shipped or a bit of both. I would need info about storing resources used for processing product, too. Thank you.

win wcwooster@yahoo.com 2396910000
do you know of any copackers in south florida that will work with seafood dips and salads?

​Hi, I am in the process of creating a wet seasoning and need help finding a co-packer able to work with my product.
I need a cold pack ambient (shelf stable) producer. I am in Orange County area.
Please contact me at (714) 855-8700. Thanks Juliana Gomes

Dear Sirs,

We are Bulk exporters for Olives, Pickles and Antipasti products (100 – 150kg drums) for the past years out of the Mediterranean region, I’m intending to open a business in US for bringing these items and co-pack it for retail and food serves markets in US , Could you please advice if this sounds reasonable and what approximate costs Co-packers takes if wants to start on partial shipments of 12 tons fcls each. Thanks in advanced. Ahmed AL Sawa Risco Food – Spain 

Daniel McCreary, manager of Rocky Mountain Food Source LLC, looking for a co-packer for a Jalapeno relish I’ve developed which sold well in a small test market. Judging by that track record, sales of 100,000 units (as in pints) a week is a very reasonable estimate for the U.S.A. It was test marketed here on Colorado’s western slope. You can contact me, Daniel, at askdanielm@yahoo.com, even though I don’t have a website set up for the relish yet.
  I am looking to begin small, with up to 50 gallons packed into glass jars, among other things, because I can’t set up distribution without a product, and I have no space to warehouse. I need a non disclosure agreement, signed (by both of us), in my hands (yes, I don’t like snail mail, either), then we can talk business. I have the ph and the nutrition label already done. This is a nice thick relish, like hot dog relish, Dangerous Dan’s Jalapeno Relish, I have labeling already developed I check my email daily, I’m not always near my phoneemail: askdanielm@yahoo.comPh.: 970-835-5204 13460 Highway 65 

Good morning, I am currently looking for a food grade re-pack facility in the area. We have powdered food grade material that we need re-bagged from 1000kg totes to 25kg or 50lb bags, and also from the small pack size to a large pack size. Please advise if this is a service you can provide. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. Thank you, Luke 7/13

Peter Kelleher
Soupman02324@gmail.com 5083607643
Looking for someone to package are Soup if you would please check out our website. We are A513C charity what we have accomplished so far is incredible. Please reply  7/15

Carlos Santaella
carlos.santaella@marderbrands.com co-packers for Ready to Cook/ Ready to Eat Seafood Entrees/Snacks
We are in the process of locating reliable co-packers within the US who have capacity and experience and certification for the preparation of frozen seafood items (Ready-to Eat and Ready-to-Cook). We are located in New Bedford Massachusetts and have a 45 years production history. www.marderbrands.com Thanks in advance for any help. My best CS  7/17  

Su Lee
su@printm3d.com 3014905100
Would like to know the MOQ and the pricing of your k cup service? And can you place MCT oil in the kcups? Email is the best way to contact me. Look forward to your reply! Best regards, Su 7/17

Charles Harrison 
Stockism63@gmail.com 704-796-3538
I have a cookie recipe and need a co-packer to manufacture the product I?m the DC/ MD area..Could you please point me in the right direction..Thanks!  7/17

Justin Berst
I am looking for a co-packer for my product but I am not sure which area to look. Could you help with some insight as which area might be best to look. Thank you, Justin  7/17

Mireille koushian
mireille@websart.net 8188188241
Hello we are looking for a co-packer for spice and herbs. To be packed in plastic containers. We are located in LA, California. Please contact me on the following number 8188188241  7/18

colleen3487@gmail.com 828-713-2888
I'm looking for someone to use my recipe to make english toffee and package it if you can. Let me know please! Colleen Kimbrough 7/18

Carol Zuchowski

Looking for a potential co-man partners to produce simmer sauces similar to soup in nature that need to be retorted in their current formulation to make them shelf-stable. We would like to pack these into either jars or pouches. We are located in Temple, PA and would be looking for someone close in our area due to travel and development. Thank You Carol Zuchowski Purchasing Manager Giorgio Foods Inc Temple, PA 19560 7/19

Amanda Ament
aament@monaco.eduGood morning :) I am looking for a co-packer to produce "healthy nut-bars" (that will include heating syrup or baking). Ideally, the co-packer's location would be in California (near Los Angeles if possible) - I found this link of your website (http://www.specialtyfoodcopackers.com/Bakery.html) but there was only 2 options for CA and they were specialized in cookies.. Could you help me found a co-packer in CA with heating or baking option? Regards, Amanda Ament  7/23

Sharon Shichor sharon@18knowledge.com2019362722
We are looking for a co packer for one of our clients, pet treats. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience to discuss. 7/24

Terry Wakefieldterryw934@gmail.com314-397-0106
looking for a custom chocolate chip co-packer  7/24

Alfredo Williams
Thesauceman@ATT.net770 355 5138
I need to speak to somebody about pricing on packaging sauces   7/24

Amanda Holman
I'm looking for a co-packing company in or near Charlotte, NC to help us fill and label 50ml bottles of alcoholic spirits. Please send any information you can to help!

A) Mushroom Jerky (Food Processor, Extruder, Dehydrator)
(B) California but co-packer could anywhere in US. 
(C) rootjerky.com (recently rebranded and website is under construction)
(D) Matt Feldman (E) matt@rootjerky.com  7/26

Charlotte Ralston
runutscompany@gmail.com 402-890-7277
Can you direct me to a copacker that can do round filter packs of ground coffee for office coffee services? Thank you! 7/26

WendiWendi@wendimichelle.com 6158707344
Looking for a gluten free facility that can build, freeze, package and box my pizza product. Thank you!!  7/26Reed TurchettiReed@turchettispaghetti.com 6167064766
Hi I?d like to speak with someone about doing our Italian foods. Thanks!  7/27

Drew Lanumdrewlanum@hotmail.comLooking for a co-packer
Hello, I am looking for a co-packer that can produce pre-cooked lentils. Do you have any recommendations 7/27

Maruf Akamo
Hello, Do you co-pack beef jerky? We are looking for a co-packer for our kilishi delight, its an african delicacy. Kindly revert as soon as possible. Thanks Maruf  7/27

Gregg Boersma gboersma@verizon.net443-326-2050
Do you happen to know of a similar co-packer directory that would include manufacturers of pet-related foods, including treats? TIA, Gregg  7/30

I’m currently the R&D Manager for Armanino Foods here in California and we are looking for potential co-packers for some of our sauce products. Our sauces are RTU, no cooking process, shipped frozen and we are specifically looking for manufacturers with capability to produce pouches anywhere from 2 oz. to 4 oz. 

Many thanks,
R&D Manger Armanino Foods 30588 San Antonio St. Hayward, CA 9454 510-441-9300 x222
mchapter@armaninofoods.com  8/2

william7799@gmail.com 3108029595
Hello im looking for a co-packer for juice line in Los Angeles can you refer please.8/3

Lourdes Schreinerlschreiner@me.com2106029289
I am looking for a bottling company that can help with bottling my recipes 8/7

Evan Shlom
evan.shlom@bannergroupllc.com 9142555916
Specialty Food Co-Packers, We're looking to develop a protein cookie product and have become particularly interested in working with you to get it rolling. We are Aster Commerce. We plan to develop our product with the following specs: 3-4 oz cookies 15-18g protein Individually wrapped cookies Packed in 6 or 12 packs Starting Flavor: Chocolate Chip At least 9 month shelf life No High Fructose Corn Syrup Based on these specs, how do you feel about us partnering together? We hope to initiate an NDA and begin working together to develop this product with you soon. Hope you're enjoying your week so far. Evan  8/9

shaun aharam shaun@pureuala.com, 3202670070
Hello I am looking for a commercial kitchen facility located in the SF Bay Area to do small batch production on a new brand of dairy free ice creams. I appreciate any information you can offer me. Kind Regards Shaun  8/13

James Robinson Rockyrob0919@gmail.com, 7724535405
Im interested in a company will help me get my famous sauce in a bottle  8/14

Eddie Reyes, er777@reyesworld.com , Jello Shot Co Packer needed
Hello, I need to find a co-packer for a new product. It's a Hemp-based CBD "Jello Shot" product. Do you have any idea who among your huge list might be suitable? Thanks, Eddie Reyes   8/15

Rafael Garcia, Rafaelgarcia81.rg@gmail.com, 5208340552
would like a quote on bottleing my sauce  8/15

Good Morning,My name is Amanda Lawson and I work for Doc’s Organics, we are venturing into bagging fresh organic dates and date products in either a 1 lb bag or a 2 oz pillow pouch. I’m looking for a co-packer in either the Livermore, CA area or the Portland, OR area to do this packing. Any help in finding a co-packer would be great, thanks! Thank 
760-351-8605  8/17

Sergio Canitas2002@gmail.com, 708-979-2987
I need a co packer for my hot sauce. I have 4 kind. In Chicago area to do small to start. Thank you very much.  8/20

Good morning, I'm hoping you could help me. 
I work for a hospitality holdings group that is quickly growing (and out growing) our current space. Our foods are made in our restaurant kitchen, and in the coming months we will be opening a 2nd location that will have take out opportunities; it does not have a kitchen to prep or prepare the food. There is about an 1 difference between locations, so making our sauces in the restaurant and bringing them to the second location just isn't going to work on the daily. 
We are looking into bottling/jarring our sauces and glazes, i.e. marinara, pesto, red wine reduction, etc. We are currently in Berks County, PA. You can find our restaurant at www.folinoestate.com. We do currently have 1 connection via Palace Foods in Reading, Pa, but I was just seeing if there was anything else in the immediate area. We'll be looking into making all our sauce products in this packing kitchen and then distributing them from our own warehouse to either site and eventually retail outside of our holdings. Thank you so much for your assistance!
Steph, Stephanie F. Luckey, Executive Assistant, Administrative Manager, 484-452-3633 x108  8/20

La Shawn Kelley aglbkelley@netzero.net, 571-216-5663
Hi there: My name is La Shawn Kelley, CEO, Aunt Coot's Chewy Cookies. I am expanding my frozen cookie dough recipe and I am looking for a distributor who can prepare my cookie dough, using a family recipe, package the pre-formed frozen dough, and drop ship it to my customers. Please advise if you are able to support my expansion. I would love to talk to you and provide you with more information about my small business and distribution needs. Thank you, La Shawn Kelley CEO, Aunt Coot's Chewy Cookies  8/21

Lawrence Picket, lpickett28@gmail.com, 6095004090
We are looking for a Co-Packer in the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia/Northern Delaware area to help us mass produce our all natural superfood veggie burgers, banana muffins and zucchini bread to start, with more products coming. We have 3 different veggie burger options currently: normal, spicy and teriyaki. One of the challenges is we do not use any preservatives in our food, all of our products are made with pure superfoods as the ingredients. We are experimenting some with fresh ingredients vs frozen but that is up in the air. We have the process down for smaller quantities that we can make in our home but when we try to cook these in bulk, they don't come out the same. The location for the Co-Packer doesn't necessarily need to be in Southern NJ but that is the ideal area for us. Thank you for your help!8/21

Cecilia Ciarlo cecilia@bellaglutenfree.com, 302-743-8626
I am in need of help for a couple of different scenarios. Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free facility only. Shelf stable products. 8/23

Shovann Backus, thestilettochefinc@gmail.com, 6154964229
I?m interested in copacking for my Spice Line  8/26

Tom Jerige, tjerige@cleannbrew.com
Hello, I am looking for a copacker (k-cup) located in the New England area specifically. I am working with a national retailer who would like us to have a copacker in New England as a requirement of working with them. Would you know of any k-cup copackers I could connect with to produce my product? Thank you, Tom  8/27

Damon Logan, Dune1896@hotmail.com, 9405944798
I am looking at doing a cbd infused barbecue sauce. I need some direction.  8/27

Kobkaew, Kobkaew1985@gmail.com, 786-2022236
I would like to start a frozen food business doing my private label. My product is an appetizer. I don?t know where to start. The processing and how much it?s going to cost me. Please give me some idea. Thank you  8/29

Rvolchko@gmail.com, 3303195002
Hello - I am in need of the following co-packer capabilities (or the closest 5 you can suggest): Food processing or large scale vertical chopper (Raw kale) Vemag (screw extruder) or bar slab forming machine (that is not a cookie depositor) Dehydration Flow wrapper once the product is dehyrated I sincerely appreciate your help!! Thank you! Renee  8/29

We need someone that can produce bite sized sugar cones and fill them with chocolate.
We’re a food startup in Brookings, South Dakota., Https://www.muddybites.com
nickcavegn@gmail.com, Nick Cavegn,Thank you so much for this service. Really appreciate it!  8/29 

Michael Smith, darrington1968@yahoo.com, Packaging Dry Mix, I'm in Las Vegas. 8/30

Michael Smith, darrington1968@yahoo.com, 7023364552
I?ve developed a wonderful baking mix for low carbohydrate bread. I?m looking for someone help me package it so I can market it. I don?t know where to start.  8/30

I have a recipe for a food condiment that I would like to have mass produced and commercialize. Wisconsin is my state my email address is montespepperspread@gmail.com. Please contact Seth Nasi via email or phone 920-509-1693 or text.Thank you.8/30

1. The item I would liked co packed it a Sauce condiment 2. My home state is Washington DC 
3.www.mumbasauce.com, 4. Contact Me (9142233471) Robert Foye  8/30


We produce cold-pressed organic juice. We are in MD. Our site is: www.rasajuiceshop.com 

Contact person: Lisa Consiglio Ryan, owner, 
 lisa@rasajuiceshop.com, You can email or call.

Best,, lisa consiglio ryan  8/31, Nazir Khamisa, nazirkhamisa@gmail.com, 619 607 5616
I am interested in finding a crispy springroll manufacturing plant that might be interested in copacking an appetizer line for me . I am in the country till Wednesday and then will be leaving for a trip abroad - would appreciate a call before i leave please. The distribution of these items will be in Nevada and in california .9/2

Frederick, howdy@banditcoffeeco.com
I am looking for a k-cup co-packer for my coffee. I see you have a lot of listings on directory. Who has the best prices?? Thank you  9/4

Rey Abdi Rey@tru-rice.com, 760-964 4969
Hello, we are a new food company looking for a co-packer to manufacture our frozen rice dishes, preferably in Southern California. If you can help us with that please give us a call at the above phone number, or my email Rey@tru-rice.com. Thank you very much, Rey  9/5

sharon@earlysedibles.com 203 257 1045
I am in need of a new co-packer - I manufacture Sunflower seed butter cookies. Gluten Free, Peanut Free and Tree Nut Free. A Sodexo approved facility would be ideal. GMP and HACCP needed. I would really like tp speak with someone to explain my exact needs and requirements for my business. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.  9/6

Krishna Chand, chefkacf@hotmail.com, 4043723045
looking for a co-packer to do Plant base food what is your criteria for this special Do you do MAP what is your initial cost for something like this (no muscle protein ) Thanks Chef Krishna Chand ccc ccs  9/7

I am looking for a co-manufacturer for Pete's Extraordinary Granola. I would like to start with 1000 lb production runs with packaging in 8 oz and 2 oz stand up pouches which I would provide. I would also need some bulk in 25 lb bags.
I would have a preference for sqf 2 or 3 level of certification.
We are located in Asheville NC and would prefer to work with someone in the region but wouldn't rule out greater distances if other things fit..Contact info is petesextraordinarygranola@gmail.com and website is petesextraordinarygranola.com. Thank you., Peter Michelman
President Pete's Extraordinary Granola 518 438 7803  9/8

Kevin Obrien, myfrescolive@gmail.com, 203-260-0131
Looking for help in my product, for packing olives and its brine into my product to be sealed and packaged. My web site www.myfrescolive.com cheers  9/10

Gary cain Fatcatfishngrill@gmail.com 806 420 1156
To co pack my tater sauces and huspupies mix  9/10

ada@cioccolada.com, 3059927766
Hello, I'm looking for a chocolate factory which will be able to produce organic chocolate using my recipe mold and pack it. I'm located in NYC. Could you please help me find a proper contact? My phone number is 305.992.7766 Thank you! Ada  9/13

JENLOGAN@YAHOO.COM, 951-775-2405

Alex, alex@futurefoods.us
My company is in need of a co-packer with the following key components for a soy based product for human consumption: Centrifugal shredding Kettle Cooking Spice Coating IQF Freezing Packaging (10lb boxes for foodservice) Please contact me if you have anyone capable. Thank you. Regards, Alex 9/14

jeremy bonnamant, office@fgs-pro.com, 4185704853
Hello, I am looking for a co-packer and manufacturer, for sausages. this company must be able to manufacture, vacuum pack and frozen . can you help me please,

Mitchell Lench, mlench@oceansbalance.com
Hello, We're looking for a rice cracker co-packer that preferably is located in New England or the Northeast, but we'll consider all locations in the US.  9/18

josh, valisca0500@yahoo.com, 8153073074
We are in dire need of a hot sauce co packer in the Chicago area. Do you know any specifically? We haven't had luck with anyone listed. Thanks  9/18

Andrew Cole
acole.faith@gmail.com, 6189175351, Gourmet popcorn  9/18

We are in Oakland, CA
April Rizzi or Adele Connor
(510) 658-3700
pm@thehealthybakingco.com or adele@thehealthybakingco.com  9/19

Yhanne Battle
Houseofcheesecakes@yahoo.com, 8568810403
Looking to increase cheesecake production.  9/20

tony durieux, tony@alniltd.com, 6149421200
product similar to French's fried onions - pack size 2.25 oz, 5 oz, & 6 oz pack needs to be a clear pouch, open on one end that can be sealed for kitting.  9/20

jenlogan1001@yahoo.com, 9517752405
Hello, I am seeking a frozen food copacker to produce retail RTE heat and serve as well as Food Service Frozen trays. Thank you, Jeannette c. 951-775-2405  9/20

Hi, We’re looking for a West Coast based co-packer who can package organic honey into jars. Our honey is from Tanzania, so in addition the co-packer should be able to assist with customs clearance and then onward freight of the product to distribution centres (if you can distribute as well that would be good). We are packing in 6oz jars. Initial production run will be 10T (40,000 pcs) with continued production per annum looking at ~100-200T. Our website is upendoagri.com, Contact: Arno Rohwedder, Phone: +255 763 998 637, Email: arno@upendoagri.com
Regards, Arno Rohwedder, Executive Director  9/24

Peter Awad, me@peterawad.com
Hello, I am looking for a copacker that has dehydration capabilities. Thanks! Peter  9/24

emad masoud, emasoud423@gmail.com, 9194230718
I Creat new soup call Hummus Soup  0/30

Annette Poe

Hello: My name is Annette Poe, requesting info about Co-Packing. I have a great barbecue sauce, that i would like to put on the market. Thank you for your assistance.  10/1

Looking for a couple-packing company to help with our small hot sauce business in the Midwest. Please contact ASAP!
Susie Greenberg <susie@madhotsauce.com>  10/2

Lizzie Faulkner

Hi There, I work at a restaurant located in New Orleans, LA named Willa Jean. We are currently looking for co-packers who are able to produce and jar jellies, cream based sauces, dressings, hot sauce, and pickled vegetables. Although we currently only sell our products in-store, we are looking to expand to local distributors in the near future. Please, help us find a co-packer who would fit our needs. Thanks!  10/2

hi, I am having a hard time finding a co-packer that meets my needs and wanted to contact you directly to see if you can help navigate to the right one. I am looking to have a specialty caramel sauce manufactured, packaged and shipped from a co-packer. I use glass jars to hold my product and they are also GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN. can you please refer me to the right specialist. Also, I am located in southern california. Thank you for your time and assistance in the matter, Ellen  10/3

Al Jalabi, management@nobletreedates.com, 9048948241
need to package bulk dates into 1 lb. clam shells  10/4

Carlos Lopez

Sylvester Davis, sjdavis624@gmail.com, 3092870104
Pricing information on popcorn  10/11

SherriJohnssjohnswholecup@aol.com 3034729577
Hi There, Firstly, what a great resource your site is. I shall be sending others in need of US co packing to you. My question, do you have any suggestions for co packers of coffee, ground and whole bean located in India? I have a large client there now and we are searching. Advice? Thanks, Sherri   10/12

Johnny LeGrand
johnnylegrandemcee@gmail.com 3103499962
Please call me concerning baking pies for my sweetpotato pie bisiness. Thanks, JL  10/15

Ivonne Zhu
wines@appellationscellar.comI am looking for a glass bottled water bottler or supplier , order starts from 10K for export. Thanks Ivonne Zhu Sonoma Strategies  10/16

Philip DePalma
phildepalma20@yahoo.com 317-914-4578
Help with getting a co-packer on my project. I have all formulations and in the process of patenting of the project.  10/19

Arobind Velagapudi
arobind@spicynothings.com 858.413.6745
Hi, I?m looking for a co-packer to produce a line of rice products (Lemon Rice, Coconut Rice, Lentil Rice etc). I have been producing these for 2 years now and have been selling to Whole Foods for their hot bars here in Texas. But these are frozen products and I?m looking for someone who can make these in a dehydrated form. I was wondering if you know any such manufacturers.10/19  

Cathy Stacey
ellies107cafe@gmail.com 7739414401
Looking for a co-packer for salad dressing in or near chicago. any ideas?  10/22

I am looking for a retort processing facility in CA or West Coast that can retort rice.  10/25

janejessee@gmail.com 407 801 5715
I am searching for a co packer that can pack microwavable foods. Any help would be appreciated.  10/26

Jim Matthews
jim@champtrading.com 7327804200
We buy sell trade process and package machinery. Call or e mail us if you have machinery for sale or needed. Thanks, Jim 732-780-4200  10/26

Yianni Tsafonias
Tsafonias@gmail.com 4078008820
Hello, My name is Yianni. I live in Orlando with my parents to whom own and operate a greek restaurant here in Orlando for the last 14 years. We are always voted number #! greek which is a blessing. I wanted to source out and find a company which bottles dressings and sauces. My mother makes a creamy greek dressing for the restaurant in a 15 gallon barrel and people go crazy for this dressing. I would love to mass produce it if possible. Yianni Tsafonias 407-800-8820   10/27

Brooks Rankin
Hi, I?m looking for frozen pizza Co packer Co Manufacturer in Georgia Any Ideas? Thanks Brooks  10/30

Tyler Pack 

Good afternoon, My name is Tyler Pack and I am the sales and marketing manager for Best Rice. We are an instant rice producer and supplier and have a wide range of precooked rice options that I think would be great for your company. We are located in Little Rock, AR and are owned by the two largest Co-Ops in the country; Producers Rice Mill and Riceland Foods both in Stuttgart, AR, each own 50 % of Best Rice. This gives us a vast supply of rice to fulfill any orders we might need to. I would love to speak with someone in purchasing if possible to expand further on our operations as a potential supplier. Thank you for your time and have a great day.  10/30

Clenistine Fortune
cfortune777@gmail.com (228)-257-7459
Seeking information on bottled water co-packing in Mississippi.10/31

Annette Poe
tanksandtees@suddenlinkmail.com 6625374938
I have a Barbecue Sauce I would like to put on the market. Need help!   10/31

Donald McShanog
Interest in teaming up with a copacker
I am the president of a small VFFS manufacturing company, we are looking at expanding our business by teaming up with a small copacker. This is not a marketing exercise but a real interest in a joint partnership or purchase opportunity of an existing company. Regards,  11/1

Hale Keke
hale.keke@cudalink.com 9493023105
Product: Walnut in shell Total qty: 4400 pound Package: 2 lb and 3 lb pouches -Pouch will be pre-printed as shown in the attached sample. What is the cost of filling and (printed) packages separately? Is there any extra cost that we should know from the beginning? What is lead time for 4400 pound total qty?  11/1

My name is Dennis Xenos, I'm the founder of EAT GUD FUD Inc., a food company based out of Toronto, Canada. I'm looking for a facility that can co-manufacture my chickpea butters for me. These are essentially peanut and nut free nut-butter-type spreads. I currently produce 2 flavours, an original and a chocolate flavour. I package in round glass jars approx. 282ml. I am willing to have my products produced in the United States - that is not an issue at all for me. 
More specifically, I am looking for a facility that is peanut and nut free that has the equipment needed to produce such a product. I've been finding it extremely difficult to find a company that can produce my chickpea butters on a smaller scale. As much as I would love to produce 100000 units of each SKU quarterly, I'm not at that position quite yet. Let me know if this is something that perhaps you can help me with. If you can't perhaps you could steer me in the direction of some companies you may know that can do this. Feel free to contact me at 416-662-5281. Thanks!
Dennis Xenos Eat Güd Füd Inc. 416.662.5281  11/1

Barbero Caico Bcaic22@gmail.com 9166223028
Looking for a place to manufacture coconut vegan ice cream at, I have my own recipes and can provide the ingredients and packaging , if you have any options for this please advise. Thank you Barbero  11/2

noah@neatocorporation.com 3343036296

Amanda Tilley
amandatilley90@gmail.com 4075761177
I am looking for a company packer that uses pouches. I am selling a chopped green chili producthttps://www.daklapack.us/laminated-packaging/stand-up-pouches/lamizip-duo-6-30-inch-x-10-43-inch-transparent/8712963005320 Setting similar to that product in the link Thank you  11/4

Daniel Michael d.michael6@me.com
Hello, I am currently looking into launching my own private label protein bar and was wondering what your MOQ is, pricing per bar, R&D process is and any other information you can tell me about your company. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanks, Daniel  11/6

Randall Penne randallrpenner@gmail.com 780-598-5833
Im with Black Magic Jerky inc. and am looking for some where that can produce jerky, pepperoni and other meat snacks to be sold under our label. Thank You Randall R Penner  11/6

Joshua joshuarobertharmony@gmail.com 562 481-4272
Hi there, My name is Josh and I am a co-owner of Don Wapo Hot Sauce. We are looking for a co-packer. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers  11/6

Philip Davis clefoodtech@gmail.com 2169041838
We have a deal pending with Walmart to launch a new line of frozen vegetables in Q4 of 2019. Challenge is the packaging: Veggies will be in a 10oz bowl with a lid that is shrink-wrapped.  11/7

Sharon Tulloch tullochsharon@yahoo.com 9542426684
I would like some information on the cost to bottled sauce  11/8

Jennifer Ross
I am looking for a copacker (anywhere in the country) to copack a hummus product. We have had challenges with several copackers and need some good referrals. I am going through your copacking directory - investigating each website - but wanted to reach out to see if you had any recommendations. Thank you!  11/8

My name is Lakeisha Young and I can be reached at 205-519-0212 or 214-530-1517. I am a native of Alabama. I am interested in putting my family’s recipes on store shelves. These items will include: canned goods, batter, frozen foods and seasoning. The best way to reach me is through E-mail and text messages. 
Sincerely, Lakeisha Young  11/14

Nicole Warden nicolewarden@cfl.rr.com 321-848-1836
Hello my name is Nicole Warden. I am seeking a company to scale up production on a product that up till now has been produced in business kitchen. What we are looking for is a facility that uses automation. We would like to produce somewhere between five and ten thousand bags a day. The product will come in eight and sixteen ounce bags. We supply all ingredients needed in the process. The product would require stove top, ovens, and an area for a chocolate drizzle. The entire process should take 90 minutes per batch. Lastly we would need the product bagged and sealed in cellophane and labeled. Our product is similar to poppycock, moose munch, and cracker jacks. Thank you, Nicole Warden Phone: 321-848-1836 Email: Nicolewarden@cfl.rr.com   11/11

We are non-dairy frozen dessert manufacturer in Stamford, CT and are looking for a co-packer to expand our business. 
We would prefer a company with non-dairy experience. Also, the closer the better, so ideally a company in CT or at least New England. Please call me if you need more information. Thank you.
Pamela Aflalo pamelaaflalo@gmail.com  11/12

Wendy Liz Matta
wendylizmatta@gmail.com 9395991973
I'm interested in Co-Packing different kinds of products I have. I have a restaurant in Puerto Rico its is called Blue Burger and we sell a variety of gourmet hamburgers including Skirt Steak, Italian Sausage, Egg Plant, Salmon, Shrimp, Chicken and Angus Certified Beef. In another hand I would also like to make gouda cheese balls and smoke gouda cheese balls. I'm new at this and would like your help to see who is the best fit for my products. Thanks, Matta  11/16

Virgil Sadorra
virgilsadorra@yahoo.com 3044151271
I wanted to inquire about the process/ requirement s that is needed for your company to produce my sauce in large volume. Please include min orders and costs that are involved as well. Thank you. 11/19

Imelda Walavalkar
Imelda@purebeautypurebeauty.co  11/19

Hi There, We are interested in doing a simple branded potato chip. Is this something you can do and if so, what are your minimums? Would love to discuss options and pricing. Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon! Imelda  11/19

Josh Proctor joshproctor71@gmail.com
Hi Sales Please, i will like to order some items for my store in CYPRUS and i will appreciate it if you can get back to me with answers to the questions below before proceeding: 1. Is the pickup available at your location? 2. Minimum ordering requirement? 3. Master or Visa card accepted? 4. Delivery schedule? Thank you. Josh Proctor Proctor Trading Ltd 61A Arch. Makarios Ave., Larnaca, cyprus TEL: +357 21 721 237 NB: Please do reply back to this email address:(joshproctor71@gmail.com)  11/27
I am Russ Armbruster from Krustyz LLC. I am in search of a co-packer for my line of award winning bbq sauces and seasonings. Currently Krustyz LLC has three varieties of bbq sauces. Original, Hint of Habanero, and 
Raspberry/Chipotle. Two versions of all purpose rub, regular and spicy. I am in the process of developing another bbq sauce and seasoning in which I would like to launch in the spring of 2019.
 Krustyz LLC is located in the great state of Minnesota, city of Apple Valley. You can contact me via email (prefered), krustyz.bbq@gmail.com, or cell phone 763-377-0067, or mailing address 14550 Embassy Ave, Apple 
Valley, Mn. 55124. My web site is krustyzbbq.com Thank you, Russ Armbruste Krustyz LLC
14550 Embassy Ave,  Apple Valley, Mn. 55124 763-377-0067 krustyzbbq.com   11/27

Keith Rush keithsrush@gmail.com 215 804 5769
Package finished pet treats into gusset bags 4 oz-16 oz immediate work available 10-15 K lbs per week. 11/28

Jacqueline Info@thefreshtest.com Copacker
Looking for a new copacker Of organic sugar Satchets or stick packages. Thanks!  11/28  

Weatherspoon weathamother@gmail.com
2532505093 I am looking for a co-packer for my BBQ sauce business  11/28

Marcus Raymond Raymo4015@gmail.com 8106918554
Hello I have a new Burger company , Burgers Unlimited we make burgers from different proteins shrimp, salmon ,chicken ,pork and beef ... We are looking for a seafood co-packer who has experience and or capacity ?  11/28

Jacqueline Info@thefreshtest.com Copacker
Looking for a new copacker Of organic sugar Satchets or stick packages. Thanks!  11/28

Jared jared@tiny-farms.com 5103013961
Hello, I am looking for a plant on the West Coast that has drum dryers on hand. Do you know of any?
 Thanks, Jared  12/7

Matt Kiene mattkiene422@gmail.com 3104724410
Hi, we're looking for a co-packer who can process rtd coffees in 8oz cans. thank you, Matt  12/7

AVI KOPELMAN avi@biovailnaturals.com 3126719004
Looking for a co-packer in parhump or north las vegas, may need custom silicon candy molds and quotes on blister packaging  12/8

virgil Sadorra, virgilsadorra@yahoo.com, co-packing
Please email me a contact number and person to talk to in regards to co-packing a sauce as well as finding a company to private label their sauce that has no additives or preservatives. My number is also 304-415-1271, thank you  12/11

Pam Altubar, pam@iloveketolife.com
Hi. We are an e-commerce company focused on selling keto-friendly food and we are looking for a packing company to supply us the packaging and re-pack our products into retail packages. Please let me know of your price and day quotation for this service. Kind regards, Pam Altubar Research and Development www.iloveketolife.com   12/13

Catrina College, catrinacollege@yahoo.com, 9703908373
Hi, I'm looking for a co-pack company to manufacturer a smoked potato salad. Do you know of any that can help me? Thanks! Catrina   12/30

EDWARD CIOLFIedciolfi@gmail.com, 9542052355
looking for a commercial kitchen in So Florida12/31
Vivian, Vivianv007@gmail.com, 210-291-8078
Can I please have someone call me? I have some questions regarding an energy bar. I look forward to hearing from you. My cell is 210-291-8079. thank you  1/2  

Sue Melke, SueMelke@gmail.com, 3105954114
Looking for a co-packer to fill 5gm sachets with a vitamin water. We are looking at 2.5 Million fills as a test with a view to increase to 250Million within the first year. Not sure which company could be a good fit and I would prefer a west coast (CA) based company for shipping reasons. Please let me know if you can help. Sue  1/2

Alex Sachs, asachs@puroast.com, 5303839023
Looking for glass bottle RTD co-packers for cold brew coffee on behalf of Puroast Coffee Company. Thanks, Alex  1/3

Nir Yusufov
Cold brew bottling- co-packing  1/4

Need a co packer for baked goods in dc  1/8

Brian Begnaud, michaelbegnaud@cox.net, 337-288-8584
I am needing some help looking for a Dehydrated Kale Chip Copacker. Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Brian Begnaud 337-388-8584  1/7

kristenftrammell@gmail.com, 8287359553
Good morning, I am interested in private label vegan snack bars. What are your prices & minimums? Thanks!  1/9

Michael Schnitzler, fngroup@gmail.com, 17184964946
We are looking for copackers for small packages of sugar?s, salt and dried food products thank you  1/13

Phyo Htet, xphyo88@gmail.com, 7739375355
Greetings I am writing to request information on Co-Packers around Chicago IL. We are looking for a establishment who will have Organic Fruit supply from local farms ( Blueberry , Cherry , Tamarind & Mango ). They must be able to make, package and label our product.  1/16

John Medina, hello@themedinacreative.com, 3107702679
Hello, I am looking for a co-packer for a spiced rimmed cup (michelada cup). I'm located in Los Angeles. Could you please point me in the right direction?  1/18

Ephraim Woods
thepromisekeepers1942@gmail.com, Glass co packer for carbonated and non Carbonated beverages, preferably located in the midwest.  1/19

Hello, We are looking for a copacker for a product we have that is a natural herbal remedy "tonic". 
The product is called Master Tonic. We live in Ohio. Our website is https://www.kitchenkures.com/order where someone could look at the ingredients. Best way to contact me is on my cell phone - 216-410-4239. 
Thank you, Mark Klanac   1/20

Ryan Farrar, are.farrar@gmail.com
Hello, My name is Ryan and I am in the beginning stages of starting my own instant ramen company I was wondering if your company has experience with packing instant noodles. I have my own blends for the flavor packs, and we would need your team to package the noodles along with with packs. We have design packaging ready, however have not been able to find a company for the noodles. Obviously I am new to this. Can you please help my understand how this process would work with your company? Would your team be able to source the noodles? Any basic information would be exceptionally helpful. I really appreciate it. Thank you! 1/21

Scott Kaylin
hi, I am a gourmet pickle company based in Vancouver, we are expanding into Calgary and I need to find a co-packer to work with. I am in Calgary this week and would really appreciate any assistance with this. We have a strong opportunity in this market but need find a solution for this . Thank you in advance Regards Scott  1/22

Amynah Somani, Info@carbsmartexpress.com
We are looking for a gluten-free facility to copack a low carb/Keto / grainfree / nutfree pizza  1/23

Hope you're well! Thought I'd reach back out because my current co-packer for my mushroom jerky can not do a crucial step in our process for us so I'm on the hunt again for a co-packer. The capabilities needed are commercial ovens, tumblers, slicing capabilities, and the ability to do a vegan, gluten free product.
If any ring a bell, let me know! Thanks so much!, Matt   1/23

Romero langner, Romerolangner@gmail.com, 2813177152
Is shipping to Belize possible? Please confirm and also if you accept VISA or MASTER CARD for payment for an international order,And if i can arrange pick up from your store/warehouse by private freight company. Regards, Romero langner Heart Shop Romerolangner@gmail.com  1/24

Monte, Montebridges@gmail.com, 760-313-3424
Hi I am looking for a bottled water copacker in Arkansas. Thank you for your assistance,Monte   1/25

I’ve been getting nowhere in this endeavor of bottling my spicy mayo sauce for retail sale.
How can you help me with this any ideas would be much appreciated it.
Best,Victor, 917 881-0420  1/28

Shane Brown, re.solutions4@yahoo.com, 6362815447
My name is Shane Brown. I work for R.E. Sales Solutions Inc. We are a wholelsale distributor located in MO. We specialize in purchasing overstock, factory seconds, and distressed inventory. I wanted to touch base with your company and to see if you ever had such products available. If so, could you please let me know who I could talk to about purchasing such items. Please let me know when you get the opportunity. I appreciate your help and look forward to you hearing from you.  1/30

Alex Kiander, kiander66@gmail.com, 7159663194
Hello, I am looking for a co-packer for small private label hot sauce bottles (glass or plastic) with the smallest MOQ possible. Could you point me in the right direction? Thank you very much. Alex  1/30

Lalehlaleh@greentwist.com, 714-290-6814
I'm looking for a co-packer with the ability to make my sauces and pack them in 10 oz pouches. I would appreciate your help. Thank you Laleh

Hi, I am looking for a copacker in the Cleveland area for small batch amounts, under 100 gallons. I make two kinds of pasta sauces.Thanks,Vicki Camardo  1/31

Ismenia Jabana, ismenia.jabana@zisnella.com, 582129442119
Good afternoon, I?m interested in buy a big amount of freeze dried yogurt with passion fruit flavor. I didn't find a supplier for this product. Can you help me with this? Thank you.  2/1

I am a healthy dessert start-up looking for a copacker that is gluten free, allergen free friendly (except coconut), and does small batches.I reside in GA, and am currently only manufacturing cookies.
Person of contact is Aurelia Vanderburg @ 202-276-7465 or this email address., Many thanks, Aurelia V.   2/5


Silvia Gomez, aexpress9@gmail.com
I am looking for bake chips co packer , private label. If pls you can give me info. Thank you   2/8

Philip Segneri, fireenginepizza@gmail.com, 2033333473
Im looking to package 2 salad dressing for retail sale.   2/11

Jeffrey Snodgras, pantingwolf@hotmail.com
Is there a facility for specialty beverages in the Seattle WA area?  2/11

Paula Mauricio
paula.mauricio@twilatruecollaborations.com, 9497344436
Hello, I came across your company and we are looking for a private label manufacturer of CBD water. We are a brand incubator and global marketplace. We create, finance and launch brands with key opinion leaders, celebrities and influencers. For quick reference, here?s more information about our company ? https://www.truefamilyenterprises.com/ https://twilatruecollaborations.com/ https://www.rivalworld.com/ https://www.workingsundays.com/ We would like to know the best way we can launch a private label CBD water. Kindly share minimum order quantity, sample lead time, production lead time, country of origin and prices. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your reply! Regards, Paula Mauricio VP, Product Development & Procurement P: 949.734.4436 | M: 949.485.0100 2260 University Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660 www.twilatruecollaborations.com    2/11

Carolyn, kikikraft333@msn.com, 651-592-3080
I .would like a list of copackers for my bottled salsa. I live in Minnesota   2/12

Hi, We’re a company in Washington looking to partner with a Co-packer to manufacture and package our RTE meals. We’re having a hard time finding resources. The RTE meals could also become Freezer meals, were open to both lines of business. Jenny @pantryfuel.com   2/12

Bonnie Longbotham, bonnie@longbotham.com, 5709474437
In search of a co-packer to bake (and potentially package and ship) springerle cookies from our original recipe. Would appreciate any insights or contacts. Many thanks! :) Bonnie    2/12

Name:Maafeh inc, Email address:lazalaza@yahoo.com
Phone:8452708100, Request:Packaging food  2/12

Hi there,
I live in Delaware, zip code of 19711, and I am looking for a co packer to fill supplement powder.
Darren Stroh  sisusportperformance@gmail.c    2/13

Jackie Alvarez, jackie@ediblebeats.com, 3039212013
Hello, We are looking to develop a line of pre-packaged foods and are interested in co-packing services. I have reached out to a couple of co-packing options, but haven't had luck finding the right company just yet. We are a restaurant group in Denver who was approached by Whole Foods asking for a line of pre-packed items. Whole Foods has given us a thumbs up on our recipes, and we're looking for a co-packer to execute and deliver the items. Recipes including: overnight oats, chia pudding, noodle salad and energy snacks. Home state: Colorado Website: Main: ediblebeats.com; Restaurants: lingerdenver.com, opheliasdenver.com, vitalrootdenver.com, elfivedenver.com, rootdowndenver.com Contact: Jackie Alvarez, jackie@ediblebeats.com, 303-921-2013 We value natural, organic and vegan cuisines and are looking for a partner with as many similar priorities as possible. Let me know if you have any ideas of co-packers in our area. Thank you! Jackie  2/14

Dana Abarca, caspicebasket@gmail.com, 650-771-6100
Hello. My name is Dana Abarca and I am with California Spice Basket, Inc. I am emailing you to inquire putting our business onto the specialty food co-packer list for seasonings, spices, oils, and much more. Please email me as soon as you are available about this inquiry. Thank you and have a great day.  2/15

Hi my name is Adi I'm working on a new project that i need a co packer to put together my liquid ingredient in a straw 
I'm not sure where to fine one Please lf you can let me know where to fined one, Thanks , Adi    2/15

Interested in finding a co-packer to produce and package a product line of par-cooked and frozen potato pancakes. It would be packaged for high volume food service, not retail. , Joe Burns, bakedcheesehaus@gmail.com   2/18

Adi Barad, allnaturesway@gmail.com, 8479224039
can you use your equipment to make a dry powder from oil or alcohol extract   2/18

Joseph, sales@chichipepper.com
We are a small but growing chili oil manufacturer./ wholesaler / retailer located in Las Vegas NV looking for options when we outgrow our ability to fulfill our orders. You can see our products at www.chichipepper.com. My currently preferred contact method is email. Thank You Joseph Bolton   2/19

Bryan Willard, bryan@valleyislekombucha.com, 8087270117
Hi. Is SF able to able to pack kombucha? Look forward to hearing from you! Bryan   2/19

Carlos Arroyo, cja.arroyo@gmail.com, 9546305951
I'm looking for a copacker to make chicha powder   2/19

Ian Hutton, ianhuttonn47@gmail.com, 2096030052
Hi I am Intrested I?m working with popcorn. I am looking for a company whom I can send my recipe too (or pre made spice packets) in which they can make an all included popcorn bag with my spices inside. Just like as if you buy buttered popcorn or kettle popcorn in a microwave popcorn bag. Please let me know if you know of a company who can help me accomplish this.  2/21

Hi there, Looking for a hot sauce co packer preferably in mid west but not necessary.
We are Pepper Planet Hot Sauce with a line of 5 sauces. All recipes ready and approved.
Considering co packing, privare label or combination of the two.
Thank you., Adriana & Jim Wolfer, 773-936-3122  2/22

Andi Biron, andi@bironteas.com, 770-322-4001
We are a tea copacking facility that just opened. How do we get listed on your site? www.bironcopacking.com

We are looking for a co-packer for our low carb granola business. We are already operating from a shared commercial kitchen, but are outgrowing our facility and need to expand to keep up with demand.
We have multiple flavors of low carb granola. 
We are based in Georgia.
Contact Person: Jenny Saylor, Brand Manager
Best point of contact is email: lollislowcarbgranola@gmail.com
We are looking for someone to bake and package the granola and we can still ship it ourselves.
Thank you!, Jenny Saylor, Brand Manager
Sherry Massey, Owner, Lolli's LowCarb Granola2/23

Rikky Galiendes
rikky.galiendes@burmainc.com, 5109201784
I didn't see any co-packers for salads, what section would they be under? Looking to co-pack our Signature Dish from our restaurants into a Grab N Go format. ? We will be giving you our Dressing & Crunchy Topper Mix ? We will be providing Labels ? We will need you to cut green leaf lettuce & cabbage to our specifications ? We currently sell to 60 grocery stores (including 49 whole foods) ? We have an account we are interested in working with that would like 4000 salads per month. ? We will need a consistent order of 8000-11000 salads per month. Salads are 10oz in a 11.5oz container: ? 2.7 oz Green Leaf Lettuce ? 2.7 oz Cabbage ? 1.6 oz Laphet (Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing) Vegan ? 2 oz Crunchies topper ? 1 oz tomatoes We are located in Norcal and would love to meet in order to see what we can do together. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Rikky  2/25

Hello,,I am looking for a copacker for my pie company. I own a pneumatic pie press and can sell it to the company that decides to take this project over. It is a gluten free vegan pie, made in 5” tins. 
I currently produce in Costa Mesa, Ca and can be reached by e-mail. , I am open to shared facilities and kosher facilities. Thank you,Domoníc Nieves

info@piesbydominic.com   2/26

Shannon Foster Higasa Foods 
Looking for a small batch co-packer near the Indianapolis, IN area. Our products include: 
Salad Dressing Glaze Hot sauce Chili Pepper Relish Chili Vinegar 
Dry Seasoning ,Thank you, Shannon Foster 
Partner - Director of Catering & Events 
www.CrossroadsCateringIndy.com,317-855-8295  2/27

Stephanie Kadlec, Stephaniekadlec@verizon.net, 8182645164
Hello, I have a cookie product. The cookie is shaped like a heart with some ridges on the side of the heart shape cookies. Also the cookie are glaze and then icing is put on the top of the cookie. Could you make this type of cookie? Thanks, Stephanie Kadlec Stephaniekadlec@verizon.net 1818.264.5164  2/27

Ian Hutton, ianhuttonn47@gmail.com, 2096030052
Hi I am Intrested in working with popcorn. I am looking for a company whom I can send my recipe too (or pre made spice packets) in which they can make an all included popcorn bag with my spices inside. Just like as if you buy buttered popcorn or kettle popcorn in a microwave popcorn bag. Please let me know if you know of a company who can help me accomplish this. 2/27 Sathish Bala sbala@desifest.ca 4163029321

Eric Abrons ericabronsfitness@gmail.com 9174340779
Hi, I've started a company and developed a nutrition bar. We are still in the process of creating a package and getting our nutritional information. We would like to start the process of finding a co-packer and manufacturer. Could you provide information and the steps to do so. Thank you, - Eric 4/12

suzanne suzanne.kenyon1@verizon.net 6174800830
I am looking for an allergan friendly co-packer for baked goods. I'm in the Northeast. Do you have any specific recommendaitons out of your list?  4/12

Edward Mouradian <ed.m@aol.com>
Olives in Pouches without Brine: We are looking to pack olives in pouches without brine, tapped in olive oil with some spices. Packing will require modified atmosphere (MAP). Olives are fermented product and pitted (without pit). We would like to reach shelve life of one to one and a half year. Overall 5 SKUs, 100,000 pouches for each, 12 pouches per box.
Our company is based in California and has accounts with large retailers. We will be importing olives from Greece, such as Kalamata, Green Halkidiki olives, etc. Contact person is Edward. Please contact me by email and provide your quote, brief description of relevant experience/technology and technical conditions.4/15

Brad Peterson Americanmillsbp@gmail.com 612 759 1483
Co pack coiking oil into a 8oz bottle for American Mills international 4/15

I have a baked baked bean product that I’m looking to have produced and packaged. I live in Virginia. 
Thx! Stephanie Whitmoyer 540-326-1810 Info@belvederedelectables.com
https://belvederedelectables.com/  4/16

Manette McDermott manette.mcdermott@gmail.com 3107220785
I'm looking for a co-packer to dehydrate veggies and fruits in the los angeles area. Thank you!  4/22

Phonepheth Khammysoukmwhatscrackalackinhtx@gmail.com 2816864712
To Potential Copacker: My name is Chef P, co-owner of What's Crackalackin, LLC. We cook Cajun-Asian inspired pork rinds and cracklins in Cypress, TX. We started in July 2018 and already have over 1700 followers on social media. We sell online and at various farmers markets/events in the Houston area. Also, we have been approached by many stores/brokers to wholesale our items. So we are currently in the market for a co-packer. If your company provides this service, can you give me more information? Here are some of the main questions we have: 1. Minimum order quantity 2. Cost 3. Application process/requirements check out our products online: whatscrackalackinhtx.com 4/22

Paul Drummond <forgoodnesscakesinc@gmail.com>Good morning
I'm looking into a co-packer for my surimi base fish cake . I presently produce a 4-ounce as well as a 1 oz uncooked product in which I presently wholesale Would like to have the capability of a prepared cooked product to package under my own label My business is based in Long Island New York
My contact information is Paul Drummond My phone number is 631-286-2098  4/22

James Palmer <pleasantridgeprovisions@gmail.com>
We have three food products that we make in our commercial kitchen. A cheese spread, a chip dip, and a salsa. They sell very well in Central Maine. We would like to find a co packer who can produce and distribute them in New England. We would love to talk with someone who can steer us in the right direction. 
Thank you for your time. Jim and Bridget Palmer pleasantridgeprovisions@gmail.comFacebook - Pleasant Ridge Provisions (207) 242-0979 Bridget (207) 931-6861 Jim  4/23

Brittany Singh singhbrittany53@gmail.com 2392855039
Hello, My name is Brittany Singh and I work for Kennedy Concepts up in Gatlinburg, TN. We have four different restaurants on the strip in Gatlinburg and have been interested in bottling up some of our recipes to sell in our restaurants. We are looking into co-packaging and private labeling our salsa trio, sweet and sour mix for our margaritas for one of our restaurants and the others would consist of packaged spices and wing sauces. Please let me know if this is something that you guys can help us with and how we start this process! Thank you so much, Brittany Singh Singhbrittany53@gmail.com 239-285-5039 Kenney Concepts Inc. 4/23

Iman iman@lolaandbaxter.com 8326403641
I am looking for a prepared food co-packer, preferably with a cook-chill system   4/23

Steven Sheinfield steve.sheinfield@inveev.com4153076265
I am a start up that would like to use single serve packs for my all-natural syrups. I had started down the path of single serve, but the minimums were too high and expensive. I went to the idea of hot-pouring into glass jars, but the logistics there are more economical in the near term, but awful otherwise. I need help with smallish runs. And I'm also curious about fulfillment as well as how best to work on getting you the syrup, or if that's something you can take care of as well. Thanks! Steven (415) 307-6265  4/23

rhonda long rhondasuelong@gmail.com 5039605834
a co-packer that manf mini pies & large pies   4/24

Karen Arguello

Hello, I own a coffee farm in central america and want to sell my coffee in the US. I am looking for a company that can pack and create our logo. Can you help me ? Thank you,  4/24

anne jenkins amjk33@rogers.com 6474057242
I have an RTD we are submitting to the LCBO - all organic, low sugar, etc. We need a co-packer who is familiar with distilled cocktail production. We have all of the suppliers in place. Can you send a list of your specialty distilled beverages? Thank you.   4/24

Diva Diva@bouldergranola.com 720-244-4444
I am looking for an Allergan Free Granola Co - Packer. Could you please help? Regards, Diva Lauren 720-244-4444 4/25

Samina Van Winkle samvan212@gmail.com 2693298097
I am a Food Science Consultant in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. I am helping a Client formulate a Dip recipe using cream cheese, and milk and other ingredients. I need a co-packer who can process and pack this. Please contact me with sample pictures of type of packaging capabilities. Thanks Samina  4/25

Natalie Mercer natalie.g.mercer@gmail.com 2695031224
I'm looking for a company who can make balanced frozen dinners that can be frozen and sent out to our customers. This would be to fulfill orders in an online frozen meal subscription service. We are looking for a company that may have an emphasis on portion control but still have a great selection of items for a 4 week or 8 week program. I keep finding large producers of products that work with grocery store chains. Can you help me in which direction I can go to find such a vendor. I have found only 1 in Kansas City MO but would like to find more to compare product quality, pricing and dependability. Thank You, Natalie 4/25

Chris Megenbier chris@drinkzone8.com
Hello, Do you guys have anyone you suggest for filling 2.5 oz hot fill beverage bottles? We are in the Chicagoland area. Thanks  4/26