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Specialty Food Co-Packers Directory

Growpacker, Toronto, ON, M5J2T9, 833-476-9722, www.growpacker.com​
Growpacker is a fully-licensed cannabis co-packing and bottling company that operates to FDA standards in California, now the world’s fifth largest economy and America’s largest consumer market. Taking a bifurcated approach on the industry, Growpacker has the ability to manufacture products for both the regulated cannabis market (dispensaries) as well as the open market for products that are CBD only (grocery, convenience store, etc). We've licensed several patented THC & CBD infusion technologies, allowing us to design and manufacture the most premium cannabis infused products on the market, including both water and oil based products.
Due to hundreds of potential hurdles and pitfalls that brands inevitably encounter during product development, Growpacker takes a turnkey approach to be the industry’s go-to end-to-end manufacturing arm for innovators and entrepreneurs, effectively enabling companies to take new products to market exponentially faster, cheaper, and easier. From concept to market, our core competencies are: Product Development (we work with flavoring labs & food engineers to create any desired product Manufacturing DistributionSales/Marketing (In-Dispensary Product Samplings)We have the ability to pack almost any product, including:Beverages (both carbonated and non-carbonated, fully pasteurized, and shelf stable) Dry GoodsPackaged Flower & Pre-Rolls Health & Wellness Product

CBD Co-Packer, Palm Beach, FL, 561-573-7200, www.cbdcopacker.com
CBD & Hemp Supplier Services
CBD Co-Packer can provide a consistent and high quality supply of Hemp & CBD to industry professionals around the world. Product Development Services
CBD Co-Packers are bringing unique products with Hemp & CBD to market, and can help you find the most profitable approach to your products. Product Manufacturing Services
CBD Co-Packer has what you need to get your products manufactured and out onto the shelves, the real key to your success.